Cricket is probably the one game that every child has played more than once in his lifetime. Cricket, in India, is more than just a sport. Therefore, there are several things that you can learn from this game.

Cricket ball and stumps

Here are a few things that we would like to mention: 

  1. Keep Calm: We have a perfect example of MS Dhoni, after several accusations and doubts, this man has never lost his patience on-field. He is that person who has taken the Indian Cricket to new heights and yet has been questioned about his retirement. Staying calm and doing what you believe in is a lesson cricket taught us.
Dhoni making hand gestures
Staying Calm Under Tough Situations Is One Of The Lessons That Cricket Teaches Us.
  •  Never Give Up: Even after failing several times, dusting yourself up and trying again is another lesson that we have learnt from cricket. Downfalls can be anything, even the life-taking Cancer. Yes, we are talking about Yuvraj Singh. We all know the story of this man who did not give up despite the killing disease. Never Give Up, No Matter How Hard
  • Channelizing Anger: Remember how we had seen the not-so-gentleman side of Virat Kohli? He did not turn into a calm saint overnight, he just channelized the anger into positive energy for the sport he loves. Smart!
  • Cricket Helps In Transforming Negative Energy To Positive
    Cricket Helps In Transforming Negative Energy To Positive
  • Age Is Just A Number: This should remind you of a young boy, with curly hair and big dreams in his eyes. Rings bells?
  • Young age photo of Sachin Tendulkar
    If You Are Good Enough, You Are Old Enough
  • Team Work: The picture below says it all, do I need to say more?
  • Team India celebrating
    Team Work’s Classic Example.

    These are few important life lessons we think cricket teaches you, tell us what the game taught you!

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