It is no surprise that most of us would love to jump into the pool or stroll next to the beach during a vacation, any chance we get. The calm and tranquil of the water mixed with the adventure and action make for an amazing sport. We usually associate water sports with recreation and fun; swimming, motor boating and surfing being the most common ones, however, there is a vast array of water sports and some even qualify for the Olympics. 

Some unusual water sports that you need to dive into right about now:

#1. Paddleboarding:

This sport has its roots tracing back to Polynesia and the surfing kings of Hawaii. Unlike the usual surfing, the standup paddleboarding (SUP) can be done even without waves; so a beach, lake or a river, any water body will do.

So basically, all you have to do is stand on a longboard and make use of a paddle to get yourself moving across the water surface. Though it sounds easy, it is anything but so. This is a great way to be adventurous while developing strength, endurance and balance making it a great workout.

#2. Wakeskating:

Pretty similar to wakeboarding, wakeskating also involves surfing while being towed along the water by a high-speed boat. The only catch is that you are not bound to your board in any way. This non-binding contact does make the sport more challenging but more enjoyable as well.

It allows you to do tonnes of tricks including hardflips, kickflips and the backside big spin, best if you know how to skateboard. And, hey, don’t worry the sport is safe as the rope secures you completely. 

#3. Kitesurfing:

This is a wind-powered water sport that makes use of a kite and a small wakeboard or surfboard to propel you across the surface of the water. The kite here resembles a mini parachute. A bit of training might be necessary for you to comprehend the exact motion and controlling the direction of the kite. With some practice, you can add in some tricks and definitely turn heads on the beach.

#4. Kayak surfing:

This one definitely takes the cake as my favourite to-try water sport; in fact, I wonder why this isn’t more popular already. There are a number of benefits that come with kayak surfing, like giving you an adrenaline rush mixed with an impressive workout. As the name suggests, you surf the waves while sitting on a kayak and paddling. The kayak used in is a bit different and sturdy than the usual one.

#5. Barefoot Skiing: 

How about skiing in the water using just your feet? Sounds impossible? Well, it isn’t just a fantasy anymore; behold barefoot skiing. It is popular in most coastal countries, in this sport a rope is attached to the boat and the skier holds it while on his ski board in order to begin. All you need is an adrenaline high and a steady balance to help your body get towed along with the boat.


Water sports are diverse, action-packed and prove to be an adventurous way to workout as well. Plus, it helps that the serenity and peace that the water provides can help you get motivated too. Yes, there is always a percentage of danger involved with the thrill of water sports, so being extra wary of your movements while indulging in the activity definitely helps.

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