What helps you “get your head in the game?”

A strict workout routine, healthy food, regular practice sessions and last but not the least, that fire to crush your opponent. But what about your mind? Doesn’t it figure on your daily routine?

NO? Then how DO you get your head in the game!

More often than not, athletes ignore mental health and focus only on the physical training aspect of the game but what if we told you that controlling your thoughts with meditation improves your performance and helps uncover your full potential, would you believe us?

Well here are 5 reasons why you should:


Your mind is like a supercomputer and you can conjure up over a hundred thoughts in a matter of seconds. This isn’t very good when you are racing towards that finish line or pacing forward to strike a goal. Like they say you have got to keep your eyes on the prize and this is possible if and only if you can stay focused.

As an athlete, your ability to focus can determine the course of the game irrespective of the sport you play. With all the training and pressure, it is quite a feat to keep calm and perform and this is where meditation can help you. A few minutes of meditation a day can help you remain grounded and focused through your game.


Surprised? Don’t be. Even the most seasoned athletes suffer from injuries and pain. Sometimes, your bodily injuries can take a hit on your resilience and fighting spirit. Therefore, to align your body and mind and thereby boost your recovery process, you may practice meditation. It barely takes a few minutes but the impact it creates on your mental and physical health is tremendous.


Your biggest opponent lies within you. YOU set your limits and YOU determine how far to push yourself. Sometimes, your fear doesn’t let you do so. Fear of losing, fear of getting hurt, fear of being outperformed by your arch-rival or simply not being able to perform, can hold you back from giving the game your best shot.

When you meditate, you let your mind govern your fears and self-doubt and let your positivity come through. Self-doubt is your biggest enemy and meditation can help you keep it in check and enhance your positive attitude.


Athletes have to deal with a whole lot of stress. It is part of your job. But constantly dealing with stress can take a toll on your physical and emotional well being which in turn affects your game. Scientific research suggests that a few minutes of meditation can act as an effective stress buster.


To play to your best, you need to be healthy both mentally and physically. Like we mentioned earlier, stress can have a drastic impact on your health, most of all your immune system. With a few minutes of mindfulness, you can evoke the anti-inflammatory effects of your body and also reduce blood pressure.

A bonus point:


Athletes experience failures time and again but sometimes making a comeback from a previous loss can be difficult. Your confidence is at a low and you need to rekindle your spirits. Meditation can help you with that. Practice meditation to pick yourself up, forgo all your negative thoughts, boost your morale and fight to the finish!

At the end of the day, if meditation gives you an extra edge that helps improve the way you play, then why not? 

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