Soap Football is the latest craze in town, with the scorching summer evenings, it certainly has a lot to offer. The game was doctored in Brazil some time back and ever since it spread like a wildfire across the globe. The game involves inflatable water-filled playground. A maximum of ten people will maintain balance and have fun to score goals against each other. One need not be knowing all the rules of the actual game of soccer. Not having fun while in the ring is almost a punishable ‘penalty’ though.

Gone are the days of the lush green playground where we could jump and slide and dribble our heavy muddy spike boots and kick hard at the fatty old soccer ball. With the high rises towering all over our cities, community spaces are shrinking overnight. This means fewer spaces for the children and adults to spend an off day.

Thank God we have all the cool places in our city that are absolute show-stealers. We can possibly spent some quality time with friends, families or siblings.

1) Blazze Soapy Football

The facility includes a parking lot, first-aid, restrooms, showers and lockers.

2) Be-Live It

Soap Football pictures
A girl in action at the venue

Another hotspot for soap football is Bangalore’s Sarjapur which charge about 1800 per hour and offers separate changing room for men and women on the premises. The game is open the whole day from 9 am to 11 pm in the night, and if you opt for the day slot, a bit of greasing of the sunscreen will help you protect from those UV rays.

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3) Soap Football – Slip ‘N’ Kick

soap football chennai

Just opposite the Park Hotel in Chennai, there appears to be a bubbling place filled with fun and frolic. Guess what, it is another set ground for some action-packed soap football. The best part about this place is its facility of differential pricing. It has separate pricing for the weekdays and weekends, not only that, but it also has separate pricing for different time of the day. For an afternoon slot post 12 up to 5, one has to pay 2000 bucks on a weekday and 2500 on a weekend. But, if you want to have some more fun and give it a shot after the sun slept over on the horizons, go for an evening get out, cause this place is open till 12 AM in the night. While weekdays will cost 2500, the weekend evenings shoot up to 3000, but you bet you can make the most out of every single penny out there.

Still standing on your legs, go slip it away!!

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