After a long, fun-filled weekend, Monday Blues can hit some people really hard. This can mostly happen when you do not like your work but it can also trigger while you are just feeling lazy and sluggish. Elements like tiredness, boredom and resentment all together is a signal of going through Monday Blues. You know that the day is going to be boring, unpleasant but inevitable. Let me warn, the more you think, the longer the day goes. Your emotional state of mind can also affect your productivity at work. But how do you deal with this period of inertia prior to a long week? Here are five sports that will not only drive away the blues but also increase your Monday productivity by leaps and bounds:

  1. Swimming: Hitting the pool is a great way to start Mondays. You can just float on your back and look at the bright sky. The water will magically take away all your worries and help you have a great day ahead. You can try various strokes that will not only rejuvenate but also provide that extra energy required for a Monday.Swimming To Overcome Monday Blues
  2. Cycling: You can cycle to the office, this will help cut down the calories gained over the weekend. Cycling also improves hand and leg coordination. Further, this will also increase your concentration levels to a good extent. Finally, cycling can help you surpass those heavy traffic areas, unlike cabs or bikes.Cycling To Overcome Monday Blues
  3. Running: This can help you like no other sport. While you run, all your senses are focused and help in the coordination of hands and legs. Your heartbeat increases which in turn improves the flow of blood. You can feel all the toxic elements slowly leaving your body. Additionally, you burn all those calories gained over the weekend.Running To Overcome Monday Bues
  4. Boxing: One of the uncommon sports that can help you release all your frustration quick but on a punching bag. If you are not a regular boxer then be careful with the bag as it may rebound on your face. Let the boxing bag take away all your Monday morning frustration so that you go happier to work.Boxing To Overcome Monday Blues
  5. Combat Sports: There are several advantages of combat sports and most of these will help you at your workplace. Combat sports increases confidence, makes you a more disciplined person, sharpens the mind and enhances listening skills. All these qualities are highly desired not only in a working environment but in your day to day life too. It is up to you which combat sport you choose to overcome Monday Blues.  Combat Sports To Overcome Monday Blues

These were just five sports that you can invest in to stay away from the dreaded Monday Blues. Do you need more push? Then read these 15 sports quotes that can instantly make you feel all pumped-up for Monday.

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