Hey, you Fitness Freak! Have you been doing a lot of running of late and it’s time to get yourself a pair of nice new running shoes? Or Are you planning to start running anytime soon and work towards fitness so you need a pair of shoes to support your goals? Well, choosing the right running shoe is quite tricky. To satisfy your feet is to fuel your fitness goal on the right track, so make sure you pick the best shoes to kickstart your journey. If you have been browsing intensely to pick the right pair of running shoes, we have already done some research for you and listed out the best selling running shoes you can find on Flipkart. Wanna take a look?

1) Sparx 277 Running Shoes

sparx 277 running shoes

Some shoes look good, some shoes feel good. But there are very few shoes that look good and also feel good. If you are searching for one such pair, then don’t worry it’s sorted for you. Take a look at the Sparx 277 Running shoes which is available for just 764 bucks on Flipkart. Since it is priced just under 1000 bucks we are pretty sure this is gonna save a lot of money in your pocket.

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2) Power by Bata Men Running Shoes

power shoes bata

Bata has its own range of sports shoes under the brand “Power” and they also include Running shoes. The Power Running shoes are designed to be light-weight which makes the whole running experience pleasant and easy. It is priced at INR 899 and it is available in four colours. You can buy it here: Power shoes.

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3) Lancer Running Shoes

lancer running shoes

Ahhh! If you are looking for a shoe that will be good to wear with any outfit and will also fulfill the purpose of running, then you have to definitely go ahead with this one. Lancer running shoes are available in 7 different variants in different combinations of black, blue and green. The shoe is priced at INR 799. You can make your purchase here: Lancer Running shoes

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4) Lotto Running Shoes

lotto running shoe

Lotto is the boss of running shoes at decent pricing which is not too expensive and not too economical. They are highly durable and light-weight, the two best qualities that every running shoe should have. The sole is not hard and can be used for marathon running.This shoe is priced at INR 999 and is available in Black colour. You can buy it here: Lotto shoes.

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5) Nike REVOLUTION 3 Running Shoes

nike revolution 3 shoes

What doesn’t Nike have? The premium shoe manufacturers also have a separate collection of running shoes designed to satisfy the needs of the customers. The Nike revolution 3 shoe is ultra-light which gives you a floating experience while running. So if you are looking to participate in long runs then go ahead and buy this product. It is priced at INR 2769 and is available in colour Black. You can buy it here: Nike Revolution 3. 

No more excuses to skip the morning runs anymore. Go ahead now and place your order for your favorite shoes. Strap them on in the mornings and go out for a run. Stay healthy! Stay fit!

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