These sports are not just good for the body, but also for the mind.

We all know that playing sports is perhaps the most fun way to exercise your body, tone up those muscles, and shed a few extra kg. But your body isn’t the only thing getting a workout when you exercise; your brain is constantly pushing beyond its limits to ensure that you perform optimally in the physical task at hand.

Scientists have already established that sports is as much mental as it is physical and this discovery can actually help people develop and sharpen their minds. These are a few sports that will give your brain a rigorous workout.

1) Mountain Biking

It’s a little dangerous to attempt this sport on your own, so hire a guide the first few times. But once you’ve got the hang of it, Mountain Biking can be an extremely pleasurable activity. Each mountain biking trail offers a host of new turns, bends, and dips, and your brain will go into overdrive trying to help you find your way through the track.

mountain biking sport

2) Swimming

Easily one of the most effective full-body workouts in existence, Swimming is a great way to improve your cardiovascular health. The gentle resistance of the water pushes against your body as you swim, strengthening bones, muscles, and ligaments.

swimming spot

While it’s not immediately noticeable, swimming can be extremely demanding on the brain. Whether you’re doing laps, diving, or simply splashing around in a pool, your brain needs to stay alert and ensure that your body stays afloat. Being in the water for too long can cause disorientation, and your brain is constantly working to prevent this.

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3) Paintball

This may not be a sport in the conventional sense of the word, but Paintball is a game that gives its players a solid workout. You have to hide, duck, roll, and jump in order to shoot and avoid getting shot.

paintball playing

But besides the physical aspect, Paintball involves the formulation of strategies and split-second decision making which can be extremely beneficial to the development of the brain.

Players must also be alert and on the lookout for opponents at all times, which requires focus and attention to detail.

4) Golf

While there’s a common misconception that Golf is a relaxing, pleasurable game, playing a game from start to finish can be quite taxing on the body and mind. Besides all the walking and swinging, you’ll have to constantly pay attention to your surroundings and adjust your game play accordingly. Golfers require patience, concentration, and a deep understanding of their environment in order to perform well.

person playing golf

5) Tennis

Whether you’re in a one on one match or playing against the wall, Tennis can be both physically and mentally demanding. You have to keep your eye on the ball at all times, and this helps to improve focus and concentration.

Kids playing Tennis

Tennis also trains your critical thinking skills as you need to quickly seize opportunities where you can score a point.

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6) Chess

What’s a list on “Sports that help you sharpen your mind” without Chess being a part of it? Crazy right? One of the most intellectual sports that challenges a person’s strategical brains and totally out-smarts every sport while it comes to brain activity, Chess is a definite must if you are planning to tone your thinking skills.

chess game

Play Any Sport

Sports in general have a profound effect on the mind and body, and any sport you play will contribute to brain development. So go ahead, try every sport out there, because each game is sure to benefit you in some way.

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