Once you get the hang of it, skateboarding can be an extremely relaxing and enlightening activity. And I’m not just talking about the simple maneuvers like balancing, rolling, pushing, stopping, and turning. I mean sure, it’s essential to have your basics down. But to improve your skills and make the most of skateboarding, it’s important to learn a few tricks.

If you’re unsure where to start, here are some of the most basic skateboard tricks.

1) Ollie

This is one of the earliest tricks learned by most skaters, and it’s also one of the most fun things you can try in skating. In this trick, the skater kicks the tail end of the skateboard downward while jumping simultaneously. If done correctly, you will launch the skateboard (and yourself) into the air for a brief moment.

2) Fakie Ollie

The concept of this trick is quite similar to that of the Ollie. Only here, you ride the skateboard backward before performing the Ollie. It’s a little harder, but once you’ve mastered the Ollie, and with regular practice, you’re sure to nail this trick.

3) Nollie

This trick is a little more difficult to grasp than an Ollie, but again, the concept is quite similar. In an Ollie, you kick the tail end of the board and lift yourself and the board into the air. The only difference in a Nollie is that instead of kicking the tail end, you kick the nose end of the board and launch yourself into the air.

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4) Heelflip

This tricky maneuver requires a fair bit of practice, and it’s a lot easier if you can already Ollie. Now, let’s say you push with your right foot.

You tilt the skateboard the same way you would in an Ollie, pushing down on the tail end with your left foot. Once two wheels lift off, you want to use the heel of your right foot to push down on the side of the skateboard. But don’t really push; just flick your right foot outward and let the heel push the side of the board. The force will cause the board to flip over, causing it to rotate 360 degrees on its horizontal axis.

5) Grinding

Again, a slightly difficult trick to master, but it comes becomes easier with practice!

For this trick, the skater slide along a railing using the trucks of the wheels rather than the wheels themselves. To start off, find a steel railing that’s not too long and try an Ollie onto the railing. And yes, you have to know how to Ollie to try this trick.

6) Inward Heel Flip

This move comes easy once you’ve learned how to Heelflip. It involves the same Heelflip maneuver, but only this time the board rotates on its horizontal and vertical axis, making this trick look super sick.

Practice, practice, practice!

None of the tricks mentioned here can be learned easily, and you need to remember that it takes weeks, even months of practice to master any of them. But each trick you learn improves your mastery over the skateboard, making it easier to learn more tricks.

So be patient, work hard, and have fun, because that’s what skating is about.

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