Basketball is a multi-billion dollar industry, and the sport has garnered millions of fans from across the globe. Hardcore fans watch almost every NBA game, and seem to know nearly everything about the players, the match locations, the gossip, and a surprising variety of inside stories about their favourite NBA stars.

But even some of the most ardent fans are not familiar with all the rules of basketball. And you can’t really blame them, considering these rules are quite bizarre to begin with. Here are weird basketball rules that you’ve probably never heard of before.

1) No Shatter Rule

During a match, if a player dunks so hard that they shatter the backboard, the point is not counted and the player in question receives a technical foul. Never mind that he/she didn’t intend on breaking the board!

2) Long Free Throws are a No-No

Most coaches tell their players to take their time on a free throw, to really get into the zone before making the shot. Well, you have to learn to get in the zone quickly if you want to avoid committing a foul!

NBA star Dwight Howard has been penalised before for taking too long during a free throw. And you’ll be penalised too if you take longer than 10 seconds at the foul line.

3) NBA owners can’t be Business Partners

NBA players are quite wealthy, and many choose to invest a part of their wealth in another sports franchise. However, when Kevin Garnett chose to invest in AS Roma, the football club, he wasn’t allowed to (is that even possible?).

He wasn’t allowed to because the principal owner of AS Roma also owns a part of the Boston Celtics.

This is a very strange rule, and I doubt the referee ever calls a foul for it during the game.

4) Timeouts are a Must

During NBA games, each team receives a total of 6 timeouts that they can use anywhere in the middle of the game. However, there’s a catch.

There is a rule stating that teams MUST use 4 of these 6 timeouts, and they must save at least one timeout for the 4th quarter. If they don’t, the referee will call for a timeout and the team receives a technical foul.

This rule has been kept in place so that TV networks airing the game can use the break to air commercials.

5) Jump Ball Must be on the Right Side

During the jump ball, players must ensure that they are lined up on the correct side of the court, facing the basket that they are shooting into. If the players are not lined up correctly when the game begins, the referee can call a foul within 24 seconds, after which the game must be restarted.

But if the referee happens to miss out the players’ positioning, or doesn’t call the foul within 24 seconds, the game continues.

6) 6th Man Rule

Back in the day, there was rule in the NBA that allowed a team to field 6 players instead of the usual 5. Of course, teams had to be very discreet about it, and would only send the 6th man onto the court if the referee was being inattentive.

If the referee didn’t notice the 6th man before the team scored, the points would count.

Know any More Bizarre Rules?

These are a few of the weirdest rules that basketball players in the NBA must adhere to. If you know of any other strange rules that didn’t make it on this list, let us know in the comments!

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