BASKETBALL INJURIES | Basketball is a physically intensive sport, and every player is at the risk of sustaining a few injuries during their career. And while getting injured can be a learning experience, it’s best to stay safe so you can build momentum in your training.

A serious injury can have you on the bench for a couple of months. And that’s a few months of valuable training time! You don’t want to waste it!

So to help you out, here are a few common basketball injuries that most players have to deal with. We’ve also highlighted how you can minimize the risk of them occurring.

1) Hip and Thigh Injuries

These injuries are perhaps the most common and come about as a result of the various maneuvers involved in a game of basketball. Things like pivoting, running, jumping, and rebounding place excessive strain on the hips and thighs.

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How to Prevent:

Some contact injuries cannot be completely avoided, but you can minimize the risk completely by warming up and stretching before every game. This will help to loosen up your muscles, allowing them to perform optimally and ensuring that you don’t overextend yourself.

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2) Knee Injuries

Serious knee injuries in basketball aren’t too common, but players do experience minor strains, sprains, and bruises during a game.

How to Prevent:

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To bulletproof your knees against strains and sprains, you will have to strengthen your thighs and hamstrings. And if you don’t have access to a gym, search for leg workouts online and repeat the exercises as often as required.

You also may want to get yourself a knee brace to stabilize your knee during a game and prevent bruises in the case of a fall.

3) Ankle Injuries

Ankle injuries are by far the most prevalent kind of injury in basketball and nearly every NBA star has suffered from one of these at some time in their career. Rolling on an ankle, getting it twisted during a scramble, or even getting stepped on are a few ways in which ankle injuries occur.

How to Prevent:

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Safeguarding your ankles from injury can be easily done by getting yourself the right support. Find a pair of basketball shoes that offer adequate support to your ankles and prevent slipping on the court. For additional protection, get yourself a roll of athletic tape and tape up your ankle to stabilize it during a game.

4) Hand Injuries

The occurrence of wrist and hand injuries is relatively low considering that this game is played primarily with the hands. However, players do report jamming their fingers and spraining their wrists from time to time.

How to Prevent:

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Dealing with this injury is more about awareness than anything else. Be sure to watch the ball every time it is passed to you, to avoid jamming your fingers. You also want to warm up and stretch your wrists before a game, to prepare them for the impact involved when the ball is passed.

Be Cautious

Injuries are a big part of any sport, and to continue playing, you have to accept the risk involved. But it pays to learn about your body and be aware of the various preventive measures you can take to safeguard yourself from injury.

With the right mindset, you’ll be able to keep your body safe and reduce the chances of an injury.

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