We talk to Namrata, who gives us insight on how to transform an unhealthy life into a healthy one. Yes, it is possible! 

  • Why did you want to become a fitness trainer?


Namrata: “My own struggle with weight loss and the journey from being a smoker for over 10 years to a healthy lifestyle is what drove me to help others with their struggles and journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle.”


  • How do you keep yourself motivated?


Namrata: “My efforts and the work that I have put on this journey and the results I have seen in me motivates me to keep going on. Every day is a new experience and a new learning. I also look forward to working out with my partner who teaches me new things and encourages me to do better each day.”


  • How do you balance work and your passion?


Namrata: “Where there is a will, there’s a way…. as cliché as it sounds but you will always find a way to do the things you love. I ensure I keep time aside for things I love to do and an hour or two every day adds up to a whole lot of hours in a year, which eventually makes a whole lot of difference too.”


  • How do you feel when you see women getting inspired by you?


Namrata: “Obviously, I feel very happy. I feel happy to know that I have inspired a woman to love herself and do something for herself. At the same time, the healthy choice they make, looking at me, inspires me to strive to do better.”


  • Is warm-up important?


Namrata: “Yes, absolutely. Lot of people don’t understand the importance of warm-up and end up with injuries. Warm up increases the temperature of the muscles and prepares the heart, lungs and muscles for the conditioning phase. A dynamic warm up involving the major muscle groups you intend to target in the conditioning phase is a great and a safe way to start your work out.”


  • What is one of your favourite workouts?


Namrata: “I love functional training. It works out the whole body as every session of functional training includes mobility, strength, endurance and core stability.  It can help you burn calories while achieving all of the above-mentioned benefits. It is interesting and can help achieve a well-balanced muscle tone.”


  • When did you start running?


Namrata: “I started running about two years ago. I am the same person who could not run 500m without stopping for a break at least 4 times. I think I have come a long way now from less than 500m to a half marathon.” 


  • What are the benefits of running?


Namrata: “Firstly, it is the best way to burn calories. Secondly, it strengthens and improves your cardiovascular system and thirdly, it can reduce stress, as an aerobic form of exercise like running releases the feel-good chemicals called endorphins. I have never heard anyone say, “I feel terrible after running” and when you do more miles, there is an overwhelming sense of achievement.”


  • How many people have you trained? What are the different kinds of customers you have come across?


Namrata: “Since, I have a full-time job in Accenture, I cannot dedicate as much time as I like to in training others but I train people from different age groups starting from people in early twenties to older adults. Everyone is different, they have their strengths and weaknesses. Training is a two-way passage. Whilst your clients learn what you teach them, they too have a great deal to teach you. The learning never ends and it’s a new experience every day.”


  • Do you think, today’s youth should get into sports and fitness?


Namrata: “Getting into sports and following their passion is entirely an individual’s choice. Sports is a passion, which is awesome, if you choose to follow but fitness is a lifestyle.  Our body can be our biggest investment or our greatest liability. Fitness is making that choice to make our body our biggest investment. My message to today’s youth, you cannot achieve your dreams without first taking care of your body.”


  • Where do you think sports fit into our fitness regime?


Namrata: “Like I have mentioned before, any sport is an individual choice and passion but if you like sports then, hey, you already are already there. You go ahead and play the sports you like to. Fitness is not just about lifting weights. It’s leading an active and healthy lifestyle. You can choose how to stay fit and sports can be one of those choices.”


  • Would you like to talk about the certification course on fitness?


Namrata: “Certification is an important aspect of becoming a trainer. As the saying goes, a blind cannot lead a blind. I am currently pursuing a certification course on Certified Personal Trainer through ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). There are many courses and certification available and you should choose what suits your requirements. As for me, it’s ACSM, which is a gold standard certification.”


  • What would be that one piece of advice you would give to women who are new to this field of fitness?


Namrata: “I say, you go girl. Be the healthy strong and beautiful you, that you are meant to be. You deserve to invest in yourself. You may be are a great wife, a great mother, a great daughter to someone but what about what you are to yourself. Love yourself and invest in yourself.”

We spoke to Namrata during our Bloggers and Influencers Meet and found out about her amazing routine. Do you feel motivated too?

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