While few of us totally avoid doing any kind of exercise, here is a man who despite Rheumatoid Arthritis proved everyone that an autoimmune disease is not the end of the world. 

We spoke to Brijesh during our Bloggers and Influencers Meet to understand who he has come a long way since the doctors asked him not to do any kind of heavy-lifting. Let us find out how Brijesh’s journey towards fitness looks like:


  • What inspired you to start this journey towards fitness?


Brijesh: “I grew up in a hamlet in Coorg; had more animal friends than humans. Was a very active kid. However, when I moved to Bangalore in 2010, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Doctors said they didn’t know the cause of the illness and I should be careful about the way I move [no heavy lifting, running, monkeying around etc.]Also, there was no cure and they can only slow down the effects with steroids.

My whole world crumbled when the doctor said I will eventually be crippled. That’s when I decided I’ll live life my way, I’ll get stronger than the doctors can ever imagine without steroids or at least die trying.

Here I’m now with no steroids, no supplements. Doing what I love to do ?

[PS: My mother still shouts at me if I stop working out for 2 days straight – she makes fat jokes!]”


  • How do you keep the knowledge of your fitness up-to-date? Would you like to tell something about your certification course?


Brijesh: “I’m pursuing CPT [Certified Personal Trainer] from ACSM [American College of Sports Medicine] and it simply is the best. The gold standard when it comes to fitness expertise.”


  • How important is nutrition in this journey of fitness?


Brijesh: “It’s 80% diet, 10% workout & 10% sleep. No matter how hard or long one works out, without right diet, it’ll do them no good. Read somewhere and I quote, ‘Body is a temple be careful of what you put in it.'”


  • How do you come up with such amazing workouts?


Brijesh: “Remember, I’m from Coorg who grew up with a lot of animals around. They turned me into Tarzan, I just monkey around and some find it amusing.”


  • How do you manage to keep yourself fit even after having a full-time job?


Brijesh: “It’s all about prioritizing! One can always make time to do what they love to do. Fortunately for me, the gym is my sanctum, my happy place, my go-to place.”


  • What are your thoughts on Vegan lifestyle?


Brijesh: “Oh! I love plants too much to eat them! How could you even ask a carnivore such question? I appreciate the ones who like vegan food but it’s not something I’d go for.”


  • What are the basic workouts you suggest a person who just got into the fitness field to do?


Brijesh: “Stop googling. Keep it simple. Stop listening to gym bros and sisters.

Functional train for 4 days a week for at least 200mins per [30 mins a day] week and brisk walk / run for 2 days a week for at least 60mins [30 mins a day] a week and you are good. Also, eat clean [When I say clean not any fancy diet; mom cooked or home cooked – no low carb, keto, GM diet etc.] eat different varieties of foods, eat in small quantities and eat at least once in 2.5 hours and keep yourself well hydrated.”


  • How can sports and fitness go together?


Brijesh: “If you are not fit you can’t play any sport; unless getting injured is a sport.”

  • What are the sports that you indulge in?


Brijesh: “Volleyball and Cricket. Tried Paddle recently and seem to love it!”


  • Where should sports fit into our fitness regime?


Brijesh: “Running is a sport, twice a week will be good.”


  • What would be your message to the young trainers?


Brijesh: “Know your shit; own your shit! Get certified!”

That is Brijesh for all of you, we feel so inspired talking to him. Do you feel the same, let us know!

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