The game of badminton is one full of surprises, twists and turns. The cross court net shot can be one such shot that comes as a surprise to the opponent. It is played to displace the opponent and to make him move.

What is a cross court net shot?

A cross court net shot is played from one corner of the net across to the other side corner of the net, in a manner that is along with the net. It is a very specific shot. It travels in a very specific angle making it hard for the opponent to read and even reach it.

How to play the cross court net shot?

In order to play the cross court net shot, you have to be in a proper position. You can only play this shot from the forecourt. It can be played from the backhand or the forehand.

The cross court net shot is a very delicate and elegant stroke. It is so precise that it can be only played successfully with practice.

When you are in the forecourt, you need to make sure that you are in behind the shuttle in time. It is very important that you catch the shuttle as high as possible in order to get a clean and clear cross court net shot.

Here a lot of players tend to use their wrist a bit too much which results in the shuttle hitting the tape of the net or going into the net and even outside the court.

Position and timing are key here. If you are not balanced or are chasing the shuttle it is advisable to either play a safer stroke or to simply clear the shuttle.

Here is how to play the cross court net shot:



Tips to remember while playing the cross court net shot:

-Play this shot only when in position.

-Stand in the forecourt ( backhand and forehand) and keep practising this stroke while standing in the corner to understand the control and movements.

-Catch the shuttle as high as possible. This will also give the shot a deceptive look and keep the opponent guessing as to where you are going to be playing the shot.

-Do not extend your hand completely as this will give you less angle to play with and you’ll be able to not play the stroke freely.

-If your body is not in balance do not attempt to play this stroke as it could result in you losing the point.

-Try to play this stroke once you can successfully play the straight court net shot.


This deceptive looking stroke if learned properly can make a lot of difference in your game and the way you make the opponent move around the court. However, be patient while learning the stroke.

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