Badminton is an easy sport to pick up and it is widely played by the young and the old without much strain and hassle. It is often played as a recreational sport during various family gatherings and team outings. It engages everybody and also helps in staying fit by burning a lot of those unwanted calories. But if you are looking to take up the sport seriously and participate in tournaments, then you should be aware of certain basic rules in Badminton and practise accordingly.

What should you know to play Badminton efficiently? What are some of the basic rules that will help you know the sport better? We have listed out some of these rules for you, have a look!

1) You need 21 points to win a set and you need to win 2 sets out of 3

saina nehwal winning

To win a set you need to score 21 points. So whoever scores the first 21 points, wins the set. If you have to take the match, then you need to win 2 sets out of 3. If both the players have 20 points each, then the one who scores 22 points each wins the set, as both the players should have a two point difference between them. This can go up to a maximum of 30 points.

2) The racket or the body should never come in contact with the net

net shots badminton

You should not make contact with the net during any time during the play and this results in a foul in which case the point is replayed.

3) Your racket should not cross over the net and make contact with the shuttle to play the point

badminton net shot

You can only play the net shots when the shuttle is on your side of the net. You cannot make a cross over the net with your racket to play the point and it is considered as foul.

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4) A Shuttlecock during the serve should always be hit from below the waist

serving in badminton

Always make sure that when you are making the serve the shuttle always stays below your waist. Also you cannot come in contact with any of the lines on the court until the shuttlecock is released.

5) You can’t strike the shuttlecock for more than once for one exchange

If the shuttlecock is on your side of the court, you can hit the shuttle only once until it reaches your opponent’s side. If you fail to follow it, then you lose the point and your opponent earns it.

6) Always stand inside the service box while serving and inside the receiver box while receiving

badminton serve

You must make sure that you stand inside the service box while serving and the receiver box while receiving. If you cross the line of the box during service then it is considered as a foul.

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