The hashtags of New Year and resolutions are flooding your social media screens right now. Which makes you think, what to do for making all your resolutions true.

We all have been victims of several New Year resolution mistakes. Does that mean we stop aiming for a better way of living?

No! That is when we start looking for alternate and doable resolutions. We are sure, you have spent so much time and energy on finding the right workout, the perfect trainer and the diet that can help you lose weight within the blink.

But that only happens in movies, right? We are just going to make your choice simpler by telling you a few resolutions alternatives that will make you fitter.

Here are some non-clichéd resolutions to try out this year:

  1. Learn a new sport: That new sport can be Cricket for a few of us or Football. Now, there are several ways to learn a new sport, you can either watch several videos or ask a friend to teach you.
  2. Cycling: Cycles are easily available nowadays and one can also take them on rent. So, just cycle your way to the office, to buy groceries or to visit a friend. Try to cycle at least 3-4 days in a week to stay fit.
  3. Make new playpals: Ditch contacting your friends through social media or meeting new people through apps. Get to know new people by just hosting a match on Playo!
  4. Return to your long lost sport: Your resolution can also be getting back to a sport that you played as a child. Somewhere, even you know, doing that it will make you feel more confident.
  5. Create your nonfancy diet: We can find so many vegetables and fruits in our kitchen that will fill our stomach and also keep us healthy. I have found mine, have you found yours?

Tell us what helped you the most out of all these to save those extra bucks.

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