BEST TENNIS RACKETS | Want to play Tennis but do not know which racket to invest in? Here’s an article that may prove helpful.

Picking the right racket is very important as it improves your game tremendously. When you are a beginner, it may not seem a huge element to pay attention to. During later stages, the string pattern, weight of the racket, size and frame stiffness come into play.

Here are a few points that will help you choose the right racket: 

  1. Swing Weight: Depending on how fast you can swing the racket, the weight of the racket can be decided. The swing weight ranges from 0-1000 and indicates to you how heavy the racket feels while swinging. A higher rating means that the racket will be harder to swing.
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  2. String Material: Tennis racket strings are basically made of two materials, gut or synthetic material. Gut strings are extremely elastic, stable and return most of the energy. The disadvantages being that they are sensitive to moisture and are expensive. Synthetic guts are not expensive, durable but aren’t much efficient.
  3. Head Size: When picking a Tennis racket keeping in mind the head size is very important. The size varies from mid-size, mid-plus and oversize. Larger head size is preferable if you are a beginner as it offers more power.

4. String Pattern: There are two types of string pattern: open and closed. The open string racket has 16*18 pattern and the closed one has 18*20 pattern.

Picking the right racket is extremely essential if you want to level-up your game. These are the few things to consider if you want to buy a proper racket.

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