Nourishing your body before and after working out is key to getting fit. But are you confused about what foods to eat? We are here to help.

Nutritious, healthy food is important. The right kind of food you will not make you fat or gain weight. In fact, it will help you reach your goals. People think the less they eat, the fitter they’d be. But that right there is the biggest mistake anyone could make.

Food is really important, specially pre and post work out. During the activity of working out, your body is using a lot of energy and has to perform the most. How will it sustain if it isn’t supplemented by the right food?

Eating before your workout is as important as eating after your workout. Nutritious food is the key to weight loss as well as muscle gain. Hence these two meals become extremely important in one’s day.


The reason a small meal or snack right before the gym/workout is essential is because, to be able to perform and for your body to be able to support your training, it needs to be given the right nutrition. Without nutrition, there will be no energy in your body to support your workout.

If you have been going to the gym on an empty stomach, you’re doing it completely wrong. Go after eating a good healthy snack and you’ll see the difference.

Pre-workout snacks can also help reduce muscle breakdown that occurs during a workout.

It is important for you to eat a bit of carbohydrate and proteins along with healthy fats before working out. Eating carbohydrates before a workout breaks down into glucose; this gives the body energy to keep up.

Portions are important too. Having a heavy meal before your workout may make you feel bloated. Hence a more portioned out meal an hour prior to your workout will be ideal.

What is good to eat pre-workout is:

Banana, cheese, yoghurt, oatmeal, a little bit of chicken/salmon, sweet potato, wholegrain toast and even nuts.


After a tiring workout, who wouldn’t crave a snack? But do not let it go downhill by giving in your cravings of pizzas and waffles. Eat the food that your body deserves after it has gone through so much.

After a workout, your body needs to recover an replenish. If you do not feed your body after a workout, it will resort to using the protein in your body to survive. So what is the best kind of food post workout? Well, it is definitely a combination of carbohydrates along with proteins.

Protein post workout really helps in reducing the muscle breakdown during the workout. It helps in maintaining and building muscles too. It also helps in feeling less fatigue.

If you are not a fan of the whey protein shake, then it is the best advice you eat your breakfast/dinner (depending on the time of your workout) within 30 minutes of your workout.

But make sure that the meal contains a good amount of proteins and carbohydrates together. Fats after a workout are optional.

Post workout meals can be anything like rich fruit smoothies, turkey wraps, whole grain sandwiches, boiled eggs/scrambled eggs and even chicken salads.


Do not deprive yourself of the much needed nutrition. Specially when you are working out see that your body is well fed both before and after.

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