This one is dedicated to them couples: “the exclusive” couple, “the keeping it casual” couple, the “I think we are a couple” couple and “the he/she is my SO (significant other)” couple also know as the showoff’s.

A lot of times, when I hangout with my friends circle that is basically made up of all these couples, I find them complaining about a lot of things.

  1. Why are you still single? Being in a relationship is awesome!
  2. Why is every restaurant in Bangalore so expensive? Can’t they have a couple friendly menus? This is mostly from the boys.
  3. Why are drinks so expensive? I can’t even enjoy them because I’m dating a girl who is basically a bottomless pit. Believe me, he is secretly proud but his pocket isn’t.
  4. There aren’t many relationship friendly arenas’ that assure your relationship will be the same after you finish.

My question to these wonderful creatures is: why don’t you look outside the box? I mean when we were kids; we used to have the best time playing outside. The art of playing a sport with couples is mostly associated to be a “Guy Thing”. That is just BOGUS!

Let me tell you couples why it’s important to find a sport and make a “Couple Thing”

  1. Sports improve your mood: Now the cardinal rule of a relationship is, well to be in a good mood. Now I’m sure that your partner can be that ultimate source of joy but when you do have those very “RARE” moments of, ‘I’m going to kill you’; playing a sport is proven to be less hazardous.
  1. Sports help you get your daily dose of ‘DOPAMINE!’ Dopamine as you know is one of the best kinds of ‘High’ you can experience. You don’t need to do a lot of secret dealing to come in contact with dopamine. Just play a sport! Any sport really! I guarantee you will be in a much better mood.
  1. Sports help you maintain a better sleep cycle: Beauty sleep is a real thing ladies and gentlemen. Sleep is very important to function normally, to look your best (Ladies) and help improve your mental outlook and let go of those silly “grudges”.
  1. Sports help improve your concentration: For all those realist couples who know that there is a life beyond their SO; Sports will help you focus on the task at hand! It helps you learn new things and use that hidden good sense of judgment.


  1. Sports help you maintain a good physic: Going out with your partner can prove to be a very fattening affair. If you do have a sport to play, you can eat and drink guilt free and still maintain that killer, chiseled look that made you fall in love in the first place.

So go ahead! Indulge in all that life has to offer to you, be it the food you couples eat, the drinks you couples drink or the sport you couples play.

By an author who passionately hates all her “couple friends”.

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