Take a breath. Here is how you can run safely during covid times!

Running outdoor could be the best exercise for you right now!

Covid-19 has taken a toll on us. Mentally, physically and emotionally. Forced to being confined at home and working from home, has made it hard for us to focus on our health.

Health should be the prime focus in everyone’s life. Lack of good health can lead to a number of problems that make life just hard.

So how to keep fit and stay healthy in a time like this? Well, running.

Some people love running and experience “runner’s high”. But on the other hand, there are some people who just do not like running.

However, in a time like this running outdoors, in the open, may just be the best workout for you.

Being stuck at home the whole day can put a strain on you mentally, physically and emotionally. Going outdoors for a run and breathing some fresh air is exactly what you need.

Going out right now is a big concern ; but here are a few ways you can go for your run and stay safe.

How to run safely during Covid-19

Run solo-

Running solo is advisable as it is the best way to stay safe. This was you’re not in contact with anyone, even if you know the person. This may get a little boring, but it is the most advisable. Perhaps, you can take someone along from you house as that would be the safest option.

Either way, it is better to run on your own

Select the location carefully-

While going for a run, choose a place where a few people visit. Choose a big and airy place where you know the crowd won’t increase.

Avoiding crowded places is a must. Also choose a time of the day when you are certain there will be extremely few people around or nearby. Adjust your schedule in a way where you can make time to run during the less popular hours.

Keep at least 12 feet distance-

While running, keep at least 12 feet distance from other runners. When running and exercising one tends to breathe faster and harder. What this means is that you will be exhaling droplets at a higher rate and projecting them even further than you would like standing normally.

To be safe and careful, it is advisable to maintain double distance than usual.

Don’t wear a mask while running-

Yes we will in a time where the face mask could be a saviour. But while running it is a strict no. While running one requires an uninterrupted supply of oxygen. Wearing a face mask could hamper the amount of oxygen that reaches your lungs while running. Given that while running one needs more oxygen, wearing a mask could cause a person to faint.


Do venture out for a run every once in a way. But make sure it is planned and be very strategic as to where you must go. Follow all the guidelines necessary to be safe and less at risk.

Make sure to wear a mask before and after your run, but not during.

Stay safe!

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