The essentials needed to have a fun game of volleyball.


Volleyball is a sport that is easily accessible, owing to the minimal equipment required to play the game, as well as the few people needed to have a fun game.

The sport can be a play on the beach or the street or indoors, and is a great workout and is equally enjoyable. What would you need to play a game of volleyball? We’ve got it covered here:

1) Volleyball Ball

Simple as it seems, choosing a good volleyball is a key to a good game. There are essentially two types of balls for volleyball: indoor and beach ball.

The indoor ball is lighter and smaller in size and is streamlined, as it doesn’t have any external factors like rain, wind etc.

The beach volleyball, meanwhile, is larger in size and has a rough exterior, as weather may play a part when playing outdoors and move the ball around. It is important to play with the right type of ball, according to where you are playing – indoor or outdoor.

2) Net

The volleyball net is usually placed at a height of around 7 feet from the ground. If you do not have a pole to hang the net, you could always tie it between two trees or posts!

Most nets are made of nylon and have tape covering the top and the sides to keep the net in place.

3) Shoes

If you’re playing indoors, it is essential that you wear the right kind of shoe to move quicker across the court as well as to ensure that you don’t get hurt.

Volleyball shoes


Shoes which have gum rubber soles are ideal for indoor volleyball and aid swift movement. Ensure that the shoe is adequately padded as you will be jumping a lot.

4) Padded knee pads

Due to the intense nature of the game and the space to be covered around the court, there is a chance that you may scrape your knee while trying to return a serve.


Before getting on the court, get yourself padded knee pads that will protect your knees in case of a fall or scrape to prevent bruises. The ideal knee pads should cover your entire knee but shouldn’t stretch too much above or below the knee as it may hamper movement.

5) Padded elbow guards/sleeves

Just like your knees, elbows too get bruised when playing volleyball and elbow guards help prevent bruises and injuries to the elbow.

You wouldn’t require elbow guards while playing on the beach, but on hard surfaces indoors, you will definitely need a solid elbow guard.

6) Ankle support

Ankle supports or braces is one of the most important equipment in volleyball as a majority of the volleyball injuries are related to the ankle because of the jumping and landing that the game requires.


This is especially important for beach volleyball players as the landing on sand can be uncertain due to the slippery surface. The right shoe with good ankle support will minimize ankle injuries.

7) Wristband and sunglasses

Wristband and sunglasses may seem like trivial things for a game of volleyball, but they could make a difference due to the comfort they offer. Volleyball is an intense sport and you’re bound to sweat a lot. Sweaty hands can cause the ball to slip while serving or setting, and hence it is vital that you have a wristband to wipe the sweat off your head as well as your hands (you could also keep a small towel handy).

Sunglasses, especially while playing on the beach, helps keep the sun away. It’s as simple as that. You wouldn’t want to see into the sun without sunglasses when you’re setting or spiking the ball! That would be quite embarrassing, wouldn’t it?


Volleyball has several benefits and can be played easily by following few rules. Here are few requirements you need to have before a game.

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