It is important to understand the dictates of a game to play the game the way it should be played.

Usually, teams of six players are involved in returning a volleyball with three or fewer hits. If it is Beach Volleyball, the two teams usually consist of two players. A single player can not ever hit the ball twice in succession.

However, a ball may be hit twice if the teammate in the opposite team has also hit the ball. Other than the basic terms of the game there are more intricacies involved in the game.

  • All gameplays must begin with a serve, with one team hitting the ball over the net to the other side of the net. Players have the right to serve underhand or overhand.
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  • It is a mandate that in between the serves, the players of the game must always rotate clockwise, or change their positions from where they started.
  • The underline of this 25 point game is that you eventually make the other team step out and make a mistake. The gravest mistake is always to let the ball hit the ground.
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  • At 10 feet from the net, the court is divided into both the sides. The players who are already in the back row due to the rotation will lose their chance to block or attack at the net. In other words, the players in the libero position, who are there to emphasize defence, never rotate to the front. They’re there to receiving, digging, passing and setting.
  • The libero will complete an attack if only at the moment of contact, the ball is thoroughly on top of the net.
  • It’s only permitted for a player to step under the net into the opponent’s court provided that some part of the penetrating hand or foot is in contact with or is directly above the centre line.

There are certain terminologies that a volleyball player must know of if he is playing the game:

  • An ace is a serve that culminates in a point, this usually happens when the ball hits the floor untouched on the receiving team’s side of the court.
  • Block is one of the most important out of half a dozen set of basic skills required to play the game. It is usually a ploy for a defensive play by one or more front-row players in order to bypass a ball spiked in the air. The combination could be of one, 2 or 3 players manoeuvring in front of the opposing player who spiked.
  • A Dink is a one-handed, soft hit into the opponent’s court using the fingertips. This is also called a tip. 
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  • Double block happens when two players work together to intercept a ball at the net.
  • A Cross-court attack is quite an interesting move, it is an attack directed diagonally from the point of attack. It is termed an angle hit.
  • A Cut shot is a spike from the hitter’s strong side that zips at a sharp angle across the net.


The game is really enjoyable and the rules are extensive but once you understand the game, you can ace it.

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