Volleyball is certainly one of the fastest growing outdoor sports, which intercept every school kid’s life and stays far along the way till the time he is head over heels on Volleyball.

Volleyball rules


Like all games, volleyball also comes up with its own set of regulations which should be upheld while playing the game.

  • Here Are The Rules Of Volleyball:

  1. The cardinal rule is that every match will be determined as a best of 2 out of 3 games which are played and won within a quarter to a one-hour time limit.
  2. All of the games will be played up to 25 points. But only the third game will be played for 15 points.
  3. To start off the first two out of three games should be won by 2 points or the first team to get to 30 points will win the game.
  4. Games will be on a roll over a rally in which the scoring will follow with a point scored on every serve.
  5. The third game is played till the first of the two team makes it to 15 points.
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  6. The teams will switch their sides during the third game when the first team reaches 8 points.
  7. Timeouts can be called within the time limit of the game but only when the ball is clearly out of play.
  8. Each team is entitled only two 30 second timeout per game.
  9. There should be a one-minute interval between the first and second game and then a 3-minute intermission between the second and third game.
  10. The home team gets to call the coin toss.
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The winning team gets to choose out of its two options:
  1. Serving The Ball
  2. Side Of Court.

Just at the beginning of the second game the visiting team will serve or try to defend whichever floats their boat depending but categorically on what they did not do at the start of the game.

  • Here Are The Fouls Of The Game:

  1. A “foot fault” happens during a serve, whenever the players step outside the service zone.
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  2. A “double hit” takes place when a player does more than one contacts which are illegal.
  3. Only one player can hit the ball at one point in time.
  4. Any players attempting to do a jab or spike will always have to keep in mind that the ball should be inbounds.
  5. Catching or throwing the ball isn’t allowed, the referee can call if the ball seems to be in any player’s hands for too long a duration.
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  6. Going below the net is not allowed, and the judges are always on the lookout for those rotations — any team with players out of rotation will always run the risk of losing a point.


The rules are very simple to understand and you will slowly get hang of it once you start playing the game.

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