Fitness mistakes! Wanting to get fit and stay healthy is an excellent habit that one shouldn’t give up on. Exercising helps you in a lot of ways and is one of the best things you can do for your body. It strengthens your muscles, tones your body, reduces stress, helps you sleep better, and improves your cardiovascular health.

Even though staying fit has so many benefits, if you have been making certain mistakes, you can be doing more harm than good. You will not believe/ realise that you’ve been making these mistakes, as some of them are quite minor but can result in major damage.

#1. Completely avoiding warmup:

Don’t be that guy who rushes to the gym and immediately starts lifting weights, or that guy who just starts running without a good warmup. By doing this, you’re slowly loading your muscles without preparing them, which could lead to injury. The role of a good warmup is to make your muscles active and to sustain what’s to come next. 

To put it in a way that’s easy to understand, think of our muscles and tissues as a rubber band. If you pull a rubber when it is all cold and been lying around for a while, it can easily snap. But if you take that same rubber band and subject it to heat, it will become more elastic and will be able to sustain more pulling force.

Our tissues and muscles are no different. Basically, a good warmup will also make you more flexible and agile.

#2. Checking your phone:

This small mistake can definitely cost you, and you may no be realising this. In today’s world, with everything digital, we are in constant need of checking our phones regularly. But when you have come to workout/ exercises, put that phone away and focus all your energy on just that. Looking at your phone during your workout can hamper your focus and can even change your mood. 

If you keep checking your phone, your flow and momentum will be significantly reduced. It will even increase your workout time unnecessarily.

#3. Not fuelling your body before working out:

People are under the wrong impression that if they eat more, they will put on weight. This is so wrong.

In fact, before a good workout, one needs to fuel their body by eating a snack that will give them the energy to sustain. Skipping this pre-workout snack can result in a decrease in performance. If you had set for yourself to lift a certain amount of weight for a certain amount of repetitions, this goal might not be met.

This is because your body doesn’t have the energy to push itself. Hence make sure to eat the right snack before working out.

#4. Skipping foam rolling:

It is recent that the importance of foam rolling has come into the limelight, but still, there are people who avoid foam rolling and don’t understand the benefits. Foam rolling is an excellent way of massage your muscles and issues on your own using the foam roller. It uses your own body weight to put pressure when you are rolling.

It increases the muscles’ flexibility and increases the flow of blood to the areas where it is required. It accelerates the healing process and helps reduce muscle soreness.

So these are a few but serious fitness mistakes you may have made this 2019. This 2020 make sure to include this as part of your workout regime, and you will see a positive difference.


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