Guilty Of Not Playing Sports Frequently? Need a bit of a push to play frequently? Here’s how you can do it without feeling guilty. 

Health is a very trending topic these days; right from eating right and regularly to exercising or gymming or playing a sport.

Staying physically in a good shape is very significant. Not only for staying fit and good but also for increasing self-confidence. Playing sports can really help you get there.

Playing a sport regularly can help you lose weight, make you more disciplined, improve your focus and even help you feel better about yourself. So why not be regular?

Be it swimming, racquet sports or ball sports, it is important to be consistent. Want to know how? Here’s how:

1)Motivate yourself:

We all have those days where we just do not feel like getting out of bed to be active/ playing sports even though you know it is what you should. Playing sports will make you feel better and more confident. Reminding yourself about this will help you be more regular.

2)  Set goals for yourself:

Setting a goal for yourself to achieve a certain amount in a certain time is very important in making sure you play regularly. If you have a target in mind that you want to achieve, automatically you will find that playing that particular sport regularly is the only way you can achieve your goals.

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3) Stress buster:

If you are always working and get quite frustrated after work, playing a sport is the best thing you can do. It will help you take away that stress and it will have a positive and calming effect on you. Once you have seen this work in your favour, you will be encouraged to play sports more often than you thought.

4)Watch/follow sports:

If you want to play regularly, one thing you should do is follow and watch sports on the TV/net. This is because following a sport you love will motivate you to play that sport and get even and even better at it which will occur once you are regular. Watching your favourite players play may just strike a chord in you which will push you to play more often.

5)Be part of a sports group:

Sports can be a social affair to some. This may be the reason one gets motivated to go often and play. Having a group of 5-10 people who accompany you regularly to play sports will make you not want to skip playing. Going in a group can be a fun and social activity which will motivate you to be regular.


Once you start playing a sport, never stop. Keep pushing yourself as you’ll enjoy the benefits of being a regular at it.

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