Find out which is better- Gym Vs Sports in Covid -19

Keeping fit and staying in good shape should be a priority no matter what. Currently we are in a time where staying in good health is of number one importance.

Exercising and physical activity help boost immunity. To a large extent, if one is exposed to the coronavirus, one’s immunity plays a key role. If your immunity is stronger, your body will be able the fight the virus better.

Hence, it is advisable to stay fit by either running, strength training, or playing a sport.

One should only go do this if they are following the Covid-19 guidelines strictly.

Gym Vs Sports in Covid-19

Being careful and going out just when needed is crucial right now. Safety is of prime importance. So the question arises- what is safer, gym vs sports in Covid-19 times.

Well, let’s analyse what the two entail.


Generally, a gym is in a closed environment with the air conditioning on. The ventilation is quite poor and it can get hard to social distance.

Also, at the gym there are many surfaces around you. In order to lift weights, use the machines or run on the treadmill, a person’s interaction with surfaces is quite high.

In general, one must avoid being in an indoor environment, simply because the air flow is quite poor. It is easier for the virus to transmit from one person to another.

Hence going to the gym can be risky.


Going to gym in a systematic way, following proper protocols reduced the risk significantly. If your gym sanitises the equipment at frequent intervals, and permits extremely limited people at any given point, you can consider going to the gym.

Make sure you do sanitise and wash your hands post gym. If you feel there are too many people, avoid going to the gym or wait for them to get done.

If want to be even more safe-

Try recreating a gym outside. Yes, this isn’t as easy due to lack of equipment. But if you have some basic gym equipment, you can set up a small gym outside where there is less crowd.


If you want to play sports, especially indoor sports, you must be extremely careful. Make sure you do not share any equipment and bring your own. Even get your own water bottle from home.

If you want play contact sports like Football, Basketball etc, make sure you play with a small group of people. If possible, play with just those few people.

At the time of entering and leaving the venue make sure to wear your mask and sanitise your hands. Avoid any type of physical contact.

While playing sports, especially in the open, the air flow is much more than in a gym. There is better ventilation, which is important in a time like this.

Running and other such outdoor activities are safest provided you keep a distance from the other runners.


Both, the gym and playing sports come with a risk. Having said that, due to poor ventilation going to the gym poses a higher risk compared to playing a sport.

If you feel like you have any symptoms, avoid leaving your home. If you feel others may be presenting symptoms do alert the authorities.

Whichever you choose to do, make sure to follow the protocols to the T. Never share equipment, food and water. Sanitise regularly and try and maintain distace.

Stay safe!

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