GYM, SPORTS OR BOTH?! The toughest part of every adult’s life has been the road to Fitness. Even when we are hell-bent on getting our diet right, we slip on to cheat meals and high-calorie consumption. All thanks to the lifestyle that we are put in these days. We start off on a high note, proper diet, regular work-outs and enough physical activity which includes running and walking. Sooner or later, the aura starts fading away. Our favorite resort to fitness has always been Gyms. Why not any other way of taking a shot at a healthy life? Should we only opt for gyms or is there any other way of how we can stay better in shape?

Gyms and Fitness – A better love story than Twilight

The Fitness industry in the country has been soaring heights in the recent years. With the six-packs trending from Bollywood to Tollywood movies, lay people can’t wait but build one for themselves. This is not just it. People have started to become health conscious because of the raving awareness campaigns on obesity and heart risks that they do not want to fall into the vulnerable category. While will look at this positive change, are we supposed to encourage people entering the Gyms? The reason that Gyms are most preferred by fitness freaks, an hour of intense work-outs can burn about 500-600 calories a day and you can find all equipment in just one place. You don’t have to go about finding a separate type of work-out for every muscle in different places as the Gym provides you with everything. Moreover, Gyms have Fitness trainers who assist you on what to do and what not to do. This way, it becomes easy for a person to identify and work-out on their flaws.

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Gyms provide a structured pattern of work-outs and people tend to see great results if they visit regularly. But it is not always about the work-out. One needs to maintain a proper wholesome benefit to repeat the benefits in total. If you work-out regularly and carry a proper diet, then Gyms can be more than enough to stay fit.

Why should you consider Sports as an alternative?

For some people, Gyms never work. First of all, they find it too boring to be limited to a confined space and be working-out on stand-still machines. They are definitely not the equipment-type. For someone like this, who is wanting to stay healthy, Gyms are a big NO NO! That’s when Sports come to the rescue. Sports are the best kind of active workout. It is fun, wholesome and never lets you feel boredom at all. The best part is you get to work together towards Fitness. Let’s take a Football team for example if it is a 5-a-side team we have 5 people working and playing towards the same goal. Sports are competitive and at the same time gives a good work-out.


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You can burn an average of 800 calories playing Squash for an hour and 500 calories by playing Football for an hour which is still higher than spending an hour at the Gym. On a comparative basis, you get to spend lesser on playing sports than Gyms. If you want a proper gym with all types of equipment, then you would be asked to spend at least 300 bucks minimum per day. Instead, if you are opting to play Badminton, the courts are available for as less as 100 bucks.

A little of Gym and a little of Sports: Some deadly combination

Have you considered taking up both Gym and Sports at the same time? This is for the die-hard Fitness freaks. Not just them, if you love both active workouts and equipment workout, this is your best option. While Gym offers you flexibility on the types of equipment and the muscles you want to concentrate on, Sports on the other hand tones your entire body. While you have an intense session at the Gym, you can hit the Badminton courts and relax by playing a game or two.


This works best when you take it alternatively, 4 days of Gym and 3 days of sports. So you get time to socialize with your folks and not forget about working out for your health. Gym workouts will also prepare your body for Sports and vice-versa. So if you love having a stud body and you don’t want to compromise, then it is best you follow this routine. Even otherwise, this combination sounds like a lot fun, doesn’t it?

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