The word “Weight Loss” is one of the most widely used terms among the growing population. No matter who you talk to, the major concern is about the weight they gained because of excessive eating at their last restaurant they checked out. The food was too yummy and the taste-buds couldn’t hide their emotions. Thus mad calories were consumed and weight never came to a stand-still. Gaining weight rapidly has become a common scenario because of our sedentary lifestyle and lack of motivation for physical activity. We give in to any temptation that demands us to have a comfy life without having to move our bums out of the couch. But do you think this is helping you while you sit there and watch TV or play the PS4 for hours together? Not at all. This will obviously lead to hunger and you end up consuming a lot of calories than you are supposed to with no way to burn the extra calories. You are doomed with fat all over your body.

This is highly risky as it may lead to obesity later on bringing in Heart risks, Diabetes and Blood pressure. Health should be our major concern and for that, you can go any extent to live life hale and healthy. Did you ever think about what kind of physical activities contribute to your health improvement and weight loss?

Considered playing Sports? If not, you should

If you are consuming a lot of calories you should make sure you have enough physical activity to burn those calories or you should work on your diet and consume calories accordingly. If you are someone who cannot control your eating habits, then you need to consider some vigorous work-outs and gyming regularly to get your health back on track.

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But if you are someone who consumes average calories but still struggling to find a balance in your weight, then why don’t you consider playing Sports?

Why prefer sports over gyms?

Gyming is an intense activity which can get boring over a period of time if you don’t have proper company. Or mostly you end up working-out alone. Gyms are closed spaces where you have specific instruments and work-outs to be performed as instructed. Although Sports doesn’t give you an intense work-out as a gym, it is much more than that.

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First of all, let’s discuss Weight loss through sports. There are many sports that help you burn tons of calories. Boxing has been considered as the number 1 sport which helps you burn almost 800 calories for the amount of time you spend inside the ring. If you aren’t a fan of rigorous sports like boxing, you can opt for racket sports which don’t require a team and can be played single-handedly. Squash is second on the list allowing you to burn almost 750 calories per hour. If you are still not convinced about taking up these sports, then you can well opt for Swimming which helps you burn around 400 calories if you practice seriously. Apart from all this, you can take up Football, Badminton or even Running.

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Here’s a list of the top 10 sports that help you in burning the highest calories:

1. Boxing 800 calories burned in an hour

2. Squash 748

3. Rowing 740

4. Road running 700

5. Swimming – front crawl or butterfly 680

6. Rugby 614

7. Football 612

8. Cycling 604

9. Hockey 478

10. Basketball 475

Okay so if you are thinking that gyms help you burn way better than this and why should you prefer Sports? Sports is an active work-out where you keep moving every part of your body all the time. Sports have a good effect on your brain. Especially when it comes to Team sports, where you have to mingle with the group to be successful. This helps you develop relationships and makes your social life comfortable. Sports help reduce the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and blood pressure which is very much essential to lead a very healthy and sound life.

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Apart from all this, you can always catch up with a sport like Table Tennis in between office hours and calls with your colleague whereas when it comes to the gym, you need to prepare well in advance to train yourself. Sports is definitely the best physical activity out there as it involves a lof fun and influences you as a person as well.

If you are looking to reduce your weight well then make sure you pick a sport of your choice and start playing it every day or at least 3-4 days in a week. Because physical activity is super important to combat weight gain.

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