All you need to know about swimming in relation to injuries.

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Swimming is one such sport which is a low impact one. This means that during swimming, one is putting very low amounts of pressure and force on their bones and muscles. This is a very big advantage to all swimmers. Source.

Swimming no longer is just a sport. Swimming is used to aid people who have injuries tooIf you have muscular, ligament or even tendon related issues, swimming can be very beneficial.

It is said that even if you have a fractured foot, your doctor may permit you to swim.

Being injured has never been easy, especially if you are an outdoorsy and active person who loves to play sports. But this does not mean you can not be active. Here is where swimming can help you leads and bounds.

swimming and back injury

Swimming is one such activity that is recommended while you have an injury. This is because, besides being a low impact activity, it also helps you gain strength and help you build muscle. Source.

It increases your cardiovascular strength too.

Swimming also helps you speed up the recovery time of your injury. It is said to be wise to be active and during the recovery of an injury, as if you are not your muscles can start to deteriorate and you can build up stiffness in your joints.

People tend to think that if they are injured resting it out is the solution. While rest is very essential, so is being a bit active. By not moving about or doing light activities, not just will the stiffness in your muscles and joints increase, but you also may extend the recovery time of your injury.

Swimming in the form of hydrotherapy is used for recovery of injuries in all ages and categories of people.

During muscle tears or ligament tears, athletes are recommended to swim and do exercises in the pool for a speedy recovery. Swimming is used to even enhance athletic performance.

Swimming is the key. Swimming is harder than running and helps you keep up your stamina.

Swimming during an injury is also recommended as it is not a weight bearing form of exercise. It is a great way to stay active without putting weight, pressure, and load on one’s body.

In studies that have been conducted, it was alleged that swimming can even promote nerve regeneration. This can fasten up the healing process for someone who has suffered a nerve-related injury, for instance, a sciatica related injury.

This video could help teach you a few exercises that can be performed in a pool for the recovery of certain injuries :


If you are injured, not able to exercise as it puts strain your body, you should seriously consider swimming as it could be the answer to most of your problems.

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