Despite being extremely fun, racket sports like tennis, badminton and squash are sports which help develop coordination and contribute to muscle development.


Just like all other sports, it’s very important that you wear clothes give you freedom of movement and that are comfortable. These games require quick movement and you will want to ensure that there is no hindrance to the movement of your arms, elbows, hips and knees. Players have a wide variety of clothing options to choose from- trousers, skirts, dresses etc.

  • Shirts/Tops-

Players tend to be really sweaty, therefore, you should make sure you buy a shirt with a comfortable material that allows you to breathe. Collared shirts are usually worn. Now, Tennis shirts are predominantly made of synthetic fabrics which not only provide the comfort of cotton but also enhance movement and have a very light feel. Some people prefer wearing tank tops.

  • Shorts-

Shorts are widely worn by men while playing tennis. While many women prefer wearing skirts a large number prefer wearing shorts as well. Shorts are extremely easy for players to move around in and helps with quick movements.

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  • Skirt-

This piece of clothing is not only stylish but comfortable and lightweight. Most of the skirts have built-in compression shorts. These skirts come in different designs- with pleats, without pleats etc.

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  • Dress

Apart from skirts, tennis is a sport where players wear dresses as well. These dresses add to the classiness of the sport and are usually worn with shorts under or attached. These dresses provide flexibility.

  • Footwear-

The footwear that one wears while playing a sport is very crucial. There is constantly moving, running, sliding etc. involved while playing tennis. There are certain shoes which are meant specifically for tennis however certain running shoes can be used as well.  While choosing footwear players must take their requirements with regard to comfort, support, ventilation etc. into consideration. Cushioned socks are highly recommended as it provides support and comfort. Foot size and type can be taken into consideration during the purchase of shoes.

  • Accessories

Tennis players use several accessories while playing. They use sweatbands, wristbands, caps etc. These wristbands are used to wipe the sweat off their forehead and eyes, the sweatbands are meant to prevent sweat from reaching their eyes and the caps, visors or sunglasses are used to keep the sun out of their eyes.


These are few necessary outfits that you may require if you want to play tennis. You can skip the ones you do not need or already have.

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