Running is described as a method of human movement and here is how you enjoy running. 


There are various benefits to running such as:

  • Overall Mental health: As you begin to run, your heart beats faster and begins to push blood through your body at a much faster rate. As you continue to push yourself, your body starts releasing endorphins. These hormones act as a stimulant resulting in what is commonly called a “natural high” or “runners high”.
  • Strengthens your Immune System: Regular running builds up your tolerance to germs which results in fewer illnesses.
  • Weight Control: Running burns a large number of calories. Running is a great option for weight loss as it burns more calories than most of the other types of exercises.
  • Relieves stress: Running boosts the brains serotonin levels which make you calmer and more relaxed.

Running for some individuals maybe fun but for the large percentage of the population, it’s basically a struggle, a struggle that provides favourable results but a struggle nonetheless. There are a few approaches to learning to love running.

Here are some of them:

  • Walk before you run: Many people make the mistake of running for the first time and inevitably stop after a few minutes as their body is not used to running. Because they will not be able to run for a long time, they, in turn, end up pushing themselves to the point where their body can’t take anymore. This results in the person experiencing a lot of pain and develops a bad association with running. Instead of this, incorporate short breaks into your running routine. As you get more fit and comfortable, you can increase the ratio of running to walking accordingly.
  • Take short and quick strides: Taking 3 steps per second is the ideal amount of steps you need to take. That is 180 steps per minute, 90 per leg. These short strides help prevent injury by forcing you to run gently. Following this method can help you start running efficiently rather just jumping into it.
  • Do it the way you like it: This is extremely important as it helps you get into your comfort zone while running. This determines how much you enjoy running. The entire experience of running has to appeal to you. So engineer your entire running experience according to what you like or love. Example:-headphones, running in the wild or on the road etc.
  • Goal oriented approach: Have a goal in mind. This will help keep you determined as you’ll have a mental path or idea set in your mind. You can do this by reading up on what is the ideal goal for you to set. Get inspired and train to accomplish your goal.
  • Get a friend along: It can be isolating to run alone so a company will be appreciated immensely. Your friend can act as a motivator and an essential factor in helping you stay focused and maintain your routine. Having a friend to run along with also as a positive association to running.

Running is a great habit to cultivate as it has various benefits and increases the overall well-being of a person. It takes both mental and physical strength to power through and adds running as part of your day to day life but the results are completely worth it.


It will take you some time to start to enjoy it but power through it and you’ll begin to love it. These above approaches will help you start your journey to truly begin to enjoy the act of running.

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