Rules of running are very cardinal likewise, running can be one of the best gifts you can give yourself. When you decide to run and stick to the habit of running, your body definitely benefits, evidently. Though it is pretty difficult to push yourself every morning or evening to the course but the advantages are numerous. To add further, it is very common to injure yourself while trying to do something worthwhile. Hence, there are rules that will keep you in check before you start the exercise. These rules will do good during the long run and therefore, keep you away from injuries. We have penned down few golden rules for running we think every runner needs to follow at the end of the day.



Rule 0 being practice, practice and more practice. The more you run the better you become eventually. The type of practice you are doing also depends on the number of miles you are going to run. Supposedly, you are going to run for 5K, then you need to know at which pace and duration you are aiming at. Similarly, for 10K, you need to know the distance you are going to walk, jog and then run. Therefore, deciding the distance and taking necessary actions always help.



The next rule would obviously be about liquids and food habits. Be very cautious about what you eat before and after the run as it may have an effect on your health. Do not eat very heavy food at night which may make you feel sluggish in the morning. Additionally, do not have heavy breakfast as you may feel sleepy right after the run. As a matter of fact, you are going to sweat a lot therefore, you need to drink good amount of water. Eating fruits like banana helps as it has high content of water. Hence, maintain a good diet is essential.



Warming up before your daily run is very important. Doing some necessary stretches and few yoga poses will help you get rid of those stiff joints. Do not start running directly as it may drain your energy. Walk and jog in the beginning and then start running, do not push your body to over-run. Naturally, you will set a pace for yourself and the same pace will help you complete any distance of the run. Exercises like squats, jumps and brisk walking always help.

Rest- Rules of running


Rest is the most important factor and rule that everyone need to consider. When you run for 5 to 6km at a stretch it is possible that you may feel runners high. Runners high is a feeling of short-term euphoria which happens after you finish a race. Runners high in one way is a good thing but do not let the feeling take over you as it may lead to extreme tiredness. Any which ways, make sure your body is rested completely before you start another run.

Recovery from injury- rules for running


These were few golden tips or cardinal rules to follow if you consider running as a long-term exercise. There can be other rules for the duration of break you need to take during a run to the kind of shoes one needs to wear for a perfect run. Tells us which of these rules helped you during your run and list down below if we missed out on any important rule!

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Happy running!


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