Can it get better if your gym buddy is your partner? Gym buddies are meant to motivate you and keep you going. But what better than that person being your significant other.

They say that couples who do various activities together tend to stay with each other. With that in mind, this new year get fit with your significant other.

As individuals, we have a list of things/ resolutions that will make us better each year. Following this, couples should start their very own resolution list based on getting fit together.

Here’s a list of things couples should consider as their new year resolution:

#1. Play a sport together:

Playing a sport with your significant other is always fun. Choose a sport that you both like and stick with it. Go 3-4 times a week to play this sport together.

Not only will this help you keep fit, but it will also be one more thing that interests you both. It can give you both something to look forward to and talk about. Besides having fun, playing a sport will also make you both fit together.

#2. Doing exercise/ physical activity together can reduce tension:

Make sure that as a couple, you’ll devote a certain amount of time in the week for exercising/gym/working out. This can help you’ll both destress and reduce tension.

Doing a physical activity like a workout helps channelize energy in the right way, and it is a great outlet to resort to when tensions are high.

#3. When one is down, motivate the other:

There are times in a relationship where one person is down, doesn’t feel like working out, and needs a bit of push. Its time we push our partners to go on and not stop or give up.

Bad days at work can really put someone down, but pushing our significant other to go to the gym, or play a sport can really help bring their mood back up.

#4. Set goals together:

As a couple, people tend to do things together. Setting fitness goals should be one of them. Getting fit together, working out, playing a sport, and exercising all should be done with a realistic goal in mind.

Hence each couple should figure out what goals are best for each other and work towards them as a team.

Couples should really think of altering their resolutions and make them fitness-oriented as there are many benefits to it. They say couples who workout together, stay together. This is quite true.

Playing a sport, exercising, and working out together helps couples in working together as a team. This can be beneficial as it can translate to working together, resolving issues, and more that is done together. 

Re-visit your resolutions with your loved ones and make it fitness based. This can go a long way for both of you.

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