Holding a cigarette between two fingers and smoking your heart out while making smoke-rings in the air might seem too cool to watch but do you have any idea how many people in India die every year due to smoking hazards? According to a survey conducted worldwide in 2015, it was noted that 1 in 10 people died due to smoking. Surprisingly, India ranked in the top 4 countries where smoking is very common. Smoking is one of the main cause of cancer which can be prevented if proper measures are taken.

Just imagine what quitting smoking would do to your life? It would make you more healthy and less prone to diseases, which is pretty much a happy life right? Then why would you not think about quitting it? The toughest part about letting go of smoking is the initial few days where you will be tempted to run to the cigarette box now and then. It is hard to forget the feeling. Every time you smell those fumes, your heart will fall for it. The struggle is super real and we totally understand. Here’s an alternative we suggest that will help you stick to your resolution to quit smoking. Are you ready to step into playing sports if that will help you avoid smoking? Well Well! You should be second guessing this idea. Is your brain telling you it doesn’t work? Is your heart telling you this is just a trick and you should stop reading right away? No no! We are gonna tell you why playing a sport will help you avoid cigarettes.

1) Playing sports releases a similar hormone that smoking nicotine gives

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So we are talking about something that’s legit here. The only reason you feel good while taking a puff or two is that nicotine gets into your blood and releases a hormone called “Dopamine”. Dopamine is otherwise called as the “Molecule of Happiness” because it promotes feelings of pleasure. But it is not only through nicotine you get to experience a flow of Dopamine. Every time you play a sport, more so your favorite sport, Dopamine is released into your blood. Isn’t this enough proof that you can substitute your cigarette cravings with your sport?

2) Sports is a huge stress buster and you don’t need cigarettes anymore

The main reason that people start smoking is due to the huge stress they encounter on a daily basis. Since smoking gives a temporary relief from the stress, they find it no harm to smoke one or two until they finally get addicted to this habit. If you are highly stressed out and you need a vent, we suggest you take it to sports. Gather a bunch of your folks, book a venue online through PLAYO and head out to the spot. Have a good game or two and see how your stress just melts down. You would be thanking us later.

3) You get to make healthier and happier friends

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The key to staying fit, healthy and happy in life is to be surrounded by positivity and people who wish the best for you. If you have friends who live with a positive outlook on life and spread good vibes, you are likely to be influenced by their happiness. But if you have friends who are constantly stressed out, then the stress doubles on you as well. It is more likely to see a stressed out person into smoking than a happy person into smoking. But if you look at people who play sports, they are always relaxed, calm and composed. Getting to play sports with such a group will change your lifestyle and help you drop those cigarettes.

If at first, you find it hard to let go of smoking, keep trying. Meanwhile, start playing a sport regularly. Be it Badminton or Football or anything. It is highly recommended to take up Team sports as compared to Individual sports, as you get to interact with a lot of people when it comes to a Team. This will help you counter the stress and anxiety issues thereby keeping your life in Balance. Stay healthy! Stay sporty!

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