Synthetic athletic tracks are very popular because they’re useful all the year around. The players can play on these tracks in all climatic conditions without having their performance affected. The synthetic track is the most ideal track to work on in both bad and good weather which in turn makes them reliable for athletes. That’s why these tracks are extensively used in the sports complex, jogging parks, clubs and schools worldwide. These kinds of tracks are made up of polyurethane. In India, the synthetic tracks are used for competitions as field or track. These tracks provide the best surface for athletes at national and international competitions.

Welcome, Delhi’s new baby!

On October 15, 2017, East Delhi got the state of the art synthetic running track similar to those at Chattrasal and Tyagraj stadiums (built during the Commonwealth Games). It was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy Chief Minister, Manish Sisodia. The Deputy Chief Minister laid the foundation stone for this track a year ago in November 2016. The Guests of honour were Karnam Malleswari(Retired Olympian Weightlifter) and Vijender Singh (Indian Olympian Boxer). The ceremony was presided by Sushil Kumar (Indian Olympian Wrestler) and Asha Agrawal (Deputy Director of Directorate of Education Sports). The track is worth INR 5 crore and is built at the Sports Complex in East Vinod Nagar.

Arvind Kejriwal as he watched the athletes run on the track barefooted, sounded delighted at the ceremony while addressing the reporters,” Sports should become a way of life and culture in the national capital. This track costs Rs 5 crore. But I think 5 crore is nothing. If people use it even for five days and use the facilities to keep themselves fit and healthy, it means we have recovered Rs 5 crore. This track is of world-class quality. It is the second track of its kind in the city after the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.” He added that the track would go a long way in tailoring the players. He recommended the Delhites to use the track daily twice – in the mornings and the evenings.

After the inaugural ceremony, many races were held. Although the players running barefooted were risky, nobody noticed it or stopped them.  The synthetic track produces heat due to which it’s recommended to wear footwear while running on the track. Prior to this, the Sports Complex had athletes running on soil due to which they were used to run barefooted. However, with this new track, their coach is hopeful that things will change around. The winners of the race were honoured.

a look at the stadium

The complex is ready for athletics with eight lanes in the 400 metres long track but the officials are waiting for the monsoon to end so that from the beginning they can start hosting big athletic events. The new sports complex has international standard facilities. According to the officials, this synthetic track will protect the space from becoming soiled during heavy rains. Most of the sports complexes in Delhi fail to hold athletic events in the rainy season due to the bad condition of the tracks. However, this complex will allow the athletes to perform all throughout the year.

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