You may have heard your doctor, coach and even your mother constantly say, “always stay hydrated”. And they are very right. Water is one of the most important elements of life. Without water life as we know it would seize.

The human body is made up 2/3rds of water. It plays a huge role in the way the body functions. It keeps you healthy and fit and even plays an important role in getting rid of all the toxins that are present in the body.

Staying hydrated is extremely important specially if you are an athlete, sportsperson or into fitness.

Water is extremely important for a sportsperson as while playing they tend to sweat. Therefore, it is important for them to consume water.

This means your speed, power and strength can reduce considerably if you remain dehydrated. Although this is bad, it can get worse as dehydration can have an impact on an athlete/ sportsperson’s cognitive performance.

If a player/ athlete is dehydrated then his/her ability to pay full attention is also at reduced.

Dehydration can make focusing on the game quite challenging.

It is also possible that suddenly athlete’s feel angry or get irritable. One of the reasons could be that they are dehydrated. It has been tested and proven that dehydration has a negative effect on one’s mood.

Dehydration can cause the energy levels to go down.

One another negative impact of dehydration is low blood pressure. Especially for athletes, it is important that they do not reach a stage where they are dehydrated as this dehydration causes blood pressure to drop quite rapidly. It can lead to headaches or even the feeling of lightness in the head.

Sportsmen and athletes who live a very active lifestyle rely on their muscles to be strong in order to perform well. But if they are not drinking enough water and staying hydrated, their muscles can’t comply with their active lifestyles.

Lack of water can lead to decline in sports performance.

Lack of water can very easily cause one’s muscles to cramp. A reduction in the intake of fluids can cause the nerve endings to be squished together and spontaneously discharge which means one may experience a twitch in their muscle which can lead to cramping of the muscle.

Muscle cramps have a significant impact on one’s athletic performance as well as one’s workout. Cramps can get painful too and in some cases, players may have to even stop playing or working out.

Staying hydrated and taking in fluids at frequent intervals can help in avoiding this.

Watch how dehydration affects you:

Water is extremely important for those who lead an active life. Neglecting water can lead to major health-related issues.

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