There are people who prefer going to the gymnasium in order to stay in shape or people who prefer grooving in a Zumba class, but there are also people who tend to look for fun ways that help them stay fit naturally. In comes: sports.

Be it hopping up to score that basket or making a goal while running across the field, sports have forever been a friend to those who love to engage in play while staying physically active at the same time. However, there are some sports that help you burn those pesky calories faster than many others. 

Let us check some of these high-calorie burning sports:

#1. Running (700-900 Calories in an Hour)

This is one of the most common activities that can help you burn truckloads of calories, depending on your intensity and the time spent doing it. Whether you are running on a treadmill or on the streets outside enjoying the scenery, both will help you burn the same amount of calories.

However, when outside you have the advantage of speeding it up as you wish, unlike a treadmill where you are bound to feel bored and stagnant. Make sure you invest in good running shoes to avoid any injuries that can happen due to the pressure on your joints. 

#2. Rowing (700+ Calories in an Hour)

Just like running, this activity can be performed both inside a gym and outdoors. But, unlike running you need to invest in a lot of gear and equipment if you choose to go with the latter. A rowing machine helps you engage your entire body, with your back, leg and core muscles doing most of the work with every stroke making it a full-body fat-burning workout.

Since many rowing machines have the option to increase the intensity of your workout, it makes it possible to burn more calories and builds more of your body muscles. 

#3. Kickboxing (500 Calories in an Hour)

Punching the boxing bag at a kickboxing class might not seem like a great fat-burning workout, but you will be surprised to know that even just a 30-minute session can burn 300+ calories. In addition to the calorie burn, it will help your body start building lean muscles.

Not just physical fitness, but this activity is good for your mental health as well. Put on a good pair of kickboxing gloves, slay the punching bag and get rid of any daily stress. 

#4. Swimming ( 700+ Calories in an Hour)

Swimming is another activity that uses your entire body strength, and with each lap, you can burn more than 700 calories per hour. Unlike other aerobic activities like jogging and running, swimming doesn’t stress your joints as much. And, hey, you can all agree that swimming is a great way to have fun. 

#5. Cycling (600 Calories in an Hour)

Be it a spinning class on an assault bike or riding across the countryside roads, this is another aerobic exercise that helps your mind find ease whilst shedding off immense calories. You can plug in your headphones, listen to a podcast or put something on the TV to pass time as you cycle on your assault bike. When on the road, you can submerge yourself in the lap of nature and enjoy the scenic beauty that surrounds you. If you’re adventurous, then riding on a mountain bike up the hills will help you burn even more calories. 

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