Looking at today’s scenario and modern day improvements, the way we lead our lives and take care of our body has changed immensely. Should we consider this to be a positive effect or a negative energy? Our Fitness cycle is struggling so much that we need timely workouts to balance the food we eat. And most of us have desk jobs that demand us to sit 7-8 hours which is the main reason for obesity and heart risks. We forgot the concept of taking the stairs to work and we always end-up inside the elevator because you are already exhausted from the amount of work that’s over your head. So where do you go for fitness when you are all messed up being unhealthy? That’s when the “Gym-trend” started catching. There was a steady increase in the number of gyms in the country and later even corporates started building gymnasiums inside the premises to save time for the employees.

Gyms aren’t the only way towards achieving fitness. Apart from the equipment workout we indulge in a Gym, there are other kinds of workouts like Sports, Running, Cross Fit. etc. Workouts can be divided into two different categories:

  1. Active Workouts
  2. Equipment Workouts

Gyms provide equipment workouts for every muscle and portion you need to work-out. You can specifically choose the kind of workout you require from the trainer and practice accordingly every day.

Equipment workouts and the risks involved


Equipment workouts require lifting unusual weights for toning certain muscles. There are a lot of risks when equipment workouts are considered. Lifting weights continuously without proper rest can damage the muscles badly. So if you are someone who lifts heavy weights, make sure you get adequate rest before you proceed with your next set of workouts. You could also stand a chance of dropping weights, thereby harming yourself beyond repair. Considering such complexities, Equipment workouts seems to be a challenging yet dreadful thing to do.

Why Active workouts work better?

Active workouts are not so intense like Equipment workout and they are basically things we do on a daily basis like Running, walking and playing. Running is said to be the most fruitful workout yet, burning around 1000 calories for an hour of workout. No other activity as such lets your burn so much of fat. Apart from running, walking is also a good activity if you are looking for something on the lighter side.

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Playing sports is another workout to look out for. If you are bored of going to gyms and you want to work on your fitness adding some fun to it, then the best way is to look out for your favourite sport and get trained in it. You can also call in your folks to play together and benefit out of it. This becomes a great relationship-building tool and also makes you feel happy. Plus it is way cheaper than what you pay for at the Gym.Apart from sports and running, Cross fit and MMA are the other best forms of active workouts.

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Active workouts are helpful when you don’t care about getting six packs but want to stay fit. The risks involved in active workouts are very minimal compared to equipment workouts, thus making it one of the best forms of Fitness routines.

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