Gym, Sports and REST | Planning your week efficiently will help you work your time out better. That being said, you should also make sure that your fitness routines are also taken care of. Scheduling your dates and time for a workout will help you become productive and also make the most out of your sessions. This will also help you make good use of your gym membership as most of us pay for it and never see the light of it. So how do you plan your week to make the best out of it? How do you manage time for Gym, Sports and rest amidst running between home and office? When to take a break and when not to? Let’s figure it out.

If you are someone just looking to get fit and burn those extra calories then this routine works best for you:

Sports – 3 days

Gym – 2 days 

Rest – 2 days

sports and rest

This is the best cycle to follow for every average human who is looking to focus on Fitness. Most people prefer playing sports over gyms in this case, as sports is a fun and lighter version of fitness. You don’t focus on how much of weight you are lifting, you are just running around the court, doing your best to win the game. This has a positive effect on your mental health as well and that’s why it is better to opt for 3 days of sports. Sports acts as the best replacement for cardio workouts, so if you are out there playing football then you don’t have to do running and focus on strength training. To minimize the risk of injuries, you need to work on your strength training. All sports and no gym is also not recommended as you need to work on your muscles to stay healthy during the game. Step into the gym, focus on the areas that require strength training and keep it going. You can alternate the days of Sports and Gym to obtain best results. Never go a week without rest. Rest is very much essential to rejuvenate your body, so give yourself a break of 2 days every week. Do not keep working out every day as it might cause strain on your muscles and damage them.

Note: Do not workout and play sports on the same day. You might end up injuring yourself and the risks are quite high. Take a break!

For someone who wants to build on muscles and less of cardio:

Sports – 2 days

Gym – 3 days

Rest – 2 days

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Are you that crazy hunk who loves to put on a lot of those muscles? Then this should be your best routine. You can start with Gym on a Monday and alternate it with a sport of your choice on Tuesday so that it provides a cardio workout. Do not forget to take those 2 days of rest every week. You don’t have to workout every day to build your muscles. Avoid injury risks.

Always alternate your day of workouts because you need time to recover from the muscle workouts. Working out continuously won’t be a wise thing to do because once you injure your muscle, it takes time to heal. You don’t want this to happen so a good break is always recommended.

Follow this cycle and let us know how it worked out for you.

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