Read why more women should play sports today!

When someone talks about sports, whether it’s watching or playing, people automatically connect it to a male-oriented subject. This notion must change.

Sports should be an industry where no one gender is superior. What men can do, women can do better. Women are capable of making sports their career and shouldn’t face any gender bias.

It’s sad that many women believe that they aren’t built for sports; only because they’ve grown up learning it’s not fit for women to play sports.

As a career sports is a great option for women too. Their success would do wonders for them and open up many doors in the future.

The benefits of playing a sport is just the same for women as it is for men.

So here is why more women should play sports:

1.Gets rid of gender inequality:

It’s a common misbelief that men can perform tasks better than women; especially physical tasks.

If given a fair chance, women too can perform well in sports on a global scale. If the media pays more attention to the women in sports, it would help the world know the outstanding performances they are putting up.

2. Helps with confidence:

Sadly, we live in a male-dominated society where men get away with much more than women. This surely affects the confidence of a woman. But sports is such an avenue that it helps build confidence. It aids in women appreciating themselves and their bodies. It makes them physically and mentally stronger. Al together, it gives them more confidence.

3. Improves ability to deal with pressure:

In today’s world there is so much stress and pressure. There is the pressure to perform well in school, college and work. Sports is an outlet that lets the pressure loose. It helps in dealing with stressful situation.

Sports and physical activities releases endorphins which is a natural pain killer. It helps the person sleep better, which helps a person be less stressful.

4. Sports teaches valuable lessons:

The lessons one learns from sports is invaluable. These life lessons can be useful in a work place environment too.

One very big life lesson it teaches us is that it is okay to fail. Life is so competitive that women are made to believe that there is no room for failure. But a woman who’s played sports knows that it is taking part that matters. Win or lose, healthy competition should be enjoyed.

Sports even teaches us teamwork. How to work together, how to respect and appreciate others, all can be taught via sports.

Another important lesson that sports imparts is hard work and dedication go a long way.


The reasons why more women should take part in sports are plenty. It creates a great balance between the ratio of men is to women in sports.But that’s not all. Sports can have a positive impact on a woman’s life and teach her lessons that will help her throughout.

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