WOMENS FOOTBALL VS MENS FOOTBALL | The Indian football squad of men has presently bagged the 100th place in the ranking chart of FIFA, though they also had attained a better rank of 94th place that was acquired back in February 1996. Comparatively, the female Indian football team has grabbed 56th rank in the world among 175 countries and has also inherited 11th position in Asia. Undoubtedly, the female version has been frequently performing in an appreciative manner as well as they have managed to execute the same performance although being treated in quite an unfair manner.

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With contrast to the men, the AIFF and the state associations have repeatedly overlooked football squad of females in India. As well as it also has chipped-in the decline of female’s squad within recent years; played in each Asian Cup from 1995 to 2003 rather have futile to succeed ever since. Every nation of the continent has managed to qualify the cups for themselves.

The deficient of Global revelation was focused in 2009, more than ever, during the time when the female squad experienced the mortification of getting out listed from rankings of FIFA as they failed to play even a solo match for a period of 1.5 years.

Although the men seem to be playing various leagues scheduled-in such as Indian Super League and I-League, there is no such announcement of football league for the female squad. Though, the global title was dormant for three years and just revived the same year featuring the team Manipur qualifying over Orissa in the concluding final match.

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Excluding some of the omission such as Orissa and Manipur, the majority of states don’t provide equal assistance to get jobs also, and hence a great number of female footballers fail to get much earning all over the year. Some states organize state leagues, which in turn comes out to be the girl’s failure, as throughout the year they don’t get much time to practice and sharpen their skills. As the female players were out of action, so it comes up as the inefficiency of them to acclimatize to the global standards. “It’s really a tough task to search guarantor regarding female’s national squad rather we still give our complete effort at it. It is really essential that the state legislation assist the state organizations to stimulate the domestic leagues,” as quoted by Shubhankar Mukherjee, AIFF national teams director.

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For a matter of example, let’s take into consideration the Facebook pages of Indian men’s football team and female’s football team. The female page appears to be showing a sorry count of about 5K likes although men’s Facebook page shows a huge count of 172K likes. The figures depict that some count of people in this nation is anxious with girls playing football. Other female sports individuals such as Mary Kom (boxing), Dola Banerjee (archery), Anju Bobby George (track and field), Sania Mirza (tennis), and Saina Nehwal (Badminton) have given proud moments to the nation with their triumph. However how much population is absolutely aware of female footballers of India such as Chaoba Devi, Yolanda D’Souza, Shanti Mullick – the only female soccer player with Arjuna Award, and Oinam Bembem Devi?

It’s time we realise the importance of the sport even for the meagre part of the women population in the country who are interested in taking up the sport seriously. Let us give them a voice to prove to the world, “Why Women’s Football is as much interesting as the Men’s version in itself?”.

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