Have youuuu played Ultimate Frisbee? If not, then drop whatever you are doing and first go buy a frisbee. The next you should do is register your name as part of various teams that operate in several cities in India, for eg. Bangalore, Chennai. etc. And the last thing you are going to do is scroll down this article and read about the 10 simple rules you should know about before you start playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Areeee youuuuu Readddyyy??

1) A rectangular shape field

This game should be played on a rectangular shaped field. So if you are looking to play some Ultimate Frisbee then you can go with any 7 a-side Football turf or any field that is rectangular in shape. The actual size of the field is supposed to be 64m by 36m and should have endzones 18m deep.

2) How many players per team?

There should be at least 7 people per team. You can also have a mix of both men and women in a team but see to that the team is evenly balanced. In case the number of players is not equal to 7 in each team, then you can still go ahead with the game with a breakeven between the two teams.

ultimate players

3) How does the play begin?

Each team has to line up in front of their end zone line. The team that is defending has to throw the disk to the team that is attacking.

4) How do you score?

If you are on the offensive side and you complete a pass at the defensive end zone, then you score a point for your team. Every time a point is scored, the play resumes.

5) How long can you have the disc?

You can have the disc in your possession for a maximum of 10 seconds. You are not supposed to move around with the disk and you are supposed to pass it on as soon as possible. The one who throws the disk, from the offensive side is called the “Thrower” and the one defending is called the “Marker”.

frisbee disc

6) When does the “Defense” side get to become the “Offense” party?

When a pass is not completed or blocked by the Defense side, the roles are reversed and the Offense side has to, therefore, play the Defense. A pass is defined as incomplete under the following circumstances: If someone blocks the pass, if a player drops the disc, if the player in possession of the disk crosses 10 seconds or if the disc is out of bounds.

7) How does the substitution occur?

You can substitute the players over injury timeouts or after scoring happens.

8) Fouls

You aren’t allowed to come in contact with the players during any part of the game. If so, a foul will be called out. After a foul is committed, the play resumes from the position exactly before the foul. If the player says there was no foul being committed, then the play is redone.

fouls in ultimate frisbee

9) No umpires

Unlike every other sport, the best part about Ultimate is that there are no umpires or referees involved in the game. Every ultimate game is self-officiating which makes it all the more special.

10) Let’s play and Let’s enjoy the game

This game is played on pure sportsmanship and no level of arrogance and contempt is encouraged. Just grab a bunch of your buddies, form a team, grab a disc and get inside the field and have some fun. After all, Sport is all about learning and having fun!

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