Every New Year inspires people to pick up resolutions and try to stick to them. While the chances of actually following your resolutions or commandments for an entire year can be slim, that is not the case for the ones with strong wills.

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For a change, how about picking up a few sports-related commandments and abiding by them. These are fun, take you back to childhood and turn you into a better all-round person.

Without further ado, here are the 10 sports commandments you MUST follow in 2019.

1. Thou Shall Play Cricket Again

Yes, we are definitely witnessing a much-needed rise in interest for all other sports, not-named cricket. However, there is barely anyone who grew up without playing cricket.

And more than playing the sport, we totally enjoy watching the sport. Therefore, to know more about teams, stats and latest Cricket news, follow Crictracker.

So, this year, pick cricket occasionally, along with any other sports you play.

2. Thou Shall Play Everyday

Remember how you used to play everyday growing up as a kid. Playing regularly builds you that sporty lifestyle which oozes positivity and increases productivity.


So, make it a point to play everyday, no matter the sport and duration.

3. Thou Shall Play To Learn And Enjoy

Sports can be played casually as well as professionally. Either way, it is important to constantly learn. Further, it is of utmost importance to enjoy the sport.

Ultimately, enjoying your sport leads to all the benefits of playing it in the first place. So, make sure you do too.

4. Thou Shall Not Cheat

At times, there can be a strong urge to cross the line or slightly bend the rules to gain advantage. However, the victory will never feel as sweet as it normally does.

So, no matter the situation, never cheat your way to success.

5. Thou Shall Not Give Up Till The End

Sports always provide the best examples of the need to never give up until the end. Persistence and determination can elevate you to a newer level not known before.

So, always go by the mantra, ‘It ain’t over until it’s over.’

6. Thou Shall Always Respect The Sport

Always respect every sport you play, be it cricket, badminton, football or table-tennis. Also, remember to respect sports you do not play as well.


Every sport comes with its own set of requirements and rewards. So, respect all of them at all times.

7. Thou Shall Never Disrespect The Opponent

When you or your team is winning or losing, never demean or take it out on your opponent. Always remember that your opposition must be going through similar emotions.

Further, neither victory nor defeat is definite in sport. So, always be respectful towards your opponent.

8. Though Shall Not Support Hooligans

Hooliganism rears its ugly face from time to time in sports. At times, people behave as such in the heat of the moment. This can adversely affect the victim in physical and mental ways.

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So, make it a point to never support hooligans or behave in such a way this year.

9. Thou Shall Be Punctual

Imagine how you would feel if you are waiting for your playing partner and the clock is ticking. Punctuality is a principle which always proves beneficial in all walks of life.

So, always be on time and play to your heart’s fill in 2019.

10. Thou Shall Not Be Unfair

Call it fair play or sportsmanship, sport always teaches to put up a fair fight. In fact, sport is the best way to imbibe this quality in other aspects of life as well.

So, be a sport this year irrespective of the stakes and you will feel much better about yourself by the end of it.

Thus, these are the 10 sports commandments which will ensure you have a great year. Feel free to share any more commandments you would like to add to this list in the comments sections below.

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