Squash is a physically intense sport that’s slowly gaining popularity in countries all over the world. It’s played with two racquets (or 4 if it’s a doubles match) and a hollow rubber ball.

And just like any other racquet-ball sport, squash has its own set of basic shots that every player should learn in order to really understand the sport. With the help of these basic shots, you can advance your game and improve your skill. Check them out:

1) Straight Drive

This is perhaps the most common squash shot out there and is used in most other racquet games like TT and tennis as well. This shot is played in such a way that the ball travels parallel to the side wall and bounces off the front wall before returning to the opponent.

To execute this shot, you need to hit the ball when it is at its highest point after it bounces of the wall. Be sure to place yourself near the ball early so you can set up the shot more easily. Extend your arm completely and bring the racquet forwards and upwards to connect with the ball.

2) Boast

The boast shot is usually played as a defensive shot when you see that using the straight drive would put you in an unfavourable position. However, if played correctly, the boast can also be played as an offensive shot.

To execute the boast, you need to hit the ball hard on the side wall closest to you in such a way that it rebounds off the middle wall and bounces off the opposite side wall before reaching your opponent. It takes awhile for the ball to bounce off all three walls, which should give you enough time to get back into position.

3) Lob

This shot involves hitting the ball high and softly in such a way that you send the ball to the back of the court. This shot is most effective when played after an offensive boast shot as it is easiest to counter by sending the ball upwards again.

Be sure to lunge towards the ball while lobbing, and flick your wrist gently to send the ball up.

4) Drop Shot

The drop shot is used in both badminton and tennis as well where the ball/shuttle is hit near the forecourt of the opponent, making it difficult for them to retrieve it and throwing them off position.

In this case, the drop shot is executed by hitting the ball gently against the front wall at a diagonal angle so that the ball falls near the front corner of the court. This forces your opponent to move to the front to retrieve the ball, allowing you to set up an offensive shot.

Learn The Basics

Once you’ve tried out these basic shots, practice them for a few days in order to master them. By learning these shots, you can improve your skill level and enjoy squash to the fullest!

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