Here are some basics Football shots you must learn how to play over the summer

Most of us are used to kicking a Football in one specific way. But when you watch pro footballers, you’ll notice that they use a variety of different shooting techniques to pass, lob, and score goals.

Even if you play Football just for the heck of it, learning the different kinds of shots is sure to improve your understanding of the game and help you get better at it. It may be a little tricky to learn the various techniques used to kick the ball, but with a bit of practice, you can drastically improve your game.

Here are the basic type of Football shots you need to learn.

1) Standard Shot

The most common shot in Football, the standard shot is used during free kicks or when a player is not surrounded by defenders and can take their time to kick the ball.

For this shot, you need to come at the ball from an angle and kick it using the region surrounding the knuckle of your big toe. To simplify this a little, you need to kick the ball with the part of your shoe where the laces start to come out.

Be sure to lock your ankle while delivering this shot.`

2) Straight Shot

The straight shot is nearly the same as the standard shot, the only difference being that here you don’t approach the ball from an angle. This shot is often used when a player is surrounded by defenders and does not have the luxury of getting into a favourable position.

The straight shot is similar to the standard shot, the only difference being the angle at which you approach the ball.

3) Inside Shot

This shot is a highly effective way of passing the ball, and if you’ve got a powerful inside shot, it can be extremely useful when scoring a goal. To perform an inside shot, kick the ball using the middle part of the inside of your foot.

This shot works best when you’re in close quarters with the goalkeeper as the sudden burst of power can make it difficult for the goalkeeper to defend the goal.

4) Outside Shot

This shot is used quite sparingly compared to the rest of the shots out there, but it can be deadly in the right situations. To perform this maneuver, slice the ball with the outside of your foot.

When done right, both the inside and outside shots can be used to curve the ball at an angle. So if you’re ever taking a free kick, curving the ball around the defenders can ensure an easy goal.

5) Toe Shot

This is perhaps the first shot that most people learn when they start playing Football. More commonly known as ‘toe punching’, the toe shot is used when the ball lies a little out of reach of a player.

All you have to do is kick the ball really hard using your toes. This shot isn’t as powerful as the others, but it can be extremely handy when you need to make a quick pass.

Be Careful

It’s important to warm up and be cautious while playing as your ankle could get twisted if these shots are performed wrong. So when you’re learning them, be sure to do them slowly a few times so you can fully understand the movement. Practice hard, be safe, and most importantly, have fun.

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