There are certain tricks which can help you have a better game in a 5-a-side match. Players who play 5-a-side regularly are required to master a few skills that will help you have an edge over your opponent’s team. These skills will help you score more goals.

Now let us look at the skills we are talking about:

1) Fake Stepover

In this, tap the ball with your strong foot and then at the same time make a stepover. Take a step with a weak foot making the defender think you are heading in that direction, but you end up sprinting the other way. The key is to use the entire body and drop your shoulder when you are making the last step.

In this stepover, the defender will be expecting you to do the regular stepover but you will cut back on the other side.  It is a very effective move to go past the defenders. The faster you do this the better.

2) Hocus Pocus

This is suitable for a 5-a- side game. In this, place the weak foot beside the ball and place the stronger foot behind the ball. Push the ball with the inside of stronger foot diagonally past the standing leg. Transfer the ball to the laces of the stronger foot and then release.

This can be done to unbalance the defender. It can be really efficient in a 5-a-side match. It should be done with really good speed.

3) Air Elastico

This move is used a lot in a 5-a-side match. This move is done in the air so it could be a bit hard at the start to do it. Flick the ball with the strong foot slightly inside. Move foot around the ball and push the ball with the top of the little toe.

Extend the leg aggressively to catch the ball second time with the top of a big toe. This will complete the full air elastico. This will take a lot of practice to master it. Ronaldhino used to do a lot of air elastico.

4)  Knee Akka

This move is done when the ball is bouncing to waist level or get the ball to your waist level when you are dribbling the ball or when you are receiving the pass. To explicitly say, to get this skill right, one has to practice this drill step by step.

The first step being, toss the ball with enough force to ensure that it bounces back above your knee level. The 2nd step is to hit the ball with the outside of the knee and the third step is to extend your leg to catch the ball with your laces, not outside, but inside to complete the skill, Knee Akka.

5)  Maradona Spin

Place the sole of the stronger foot on top of the ball. Roll the ball back one or two feet towards the other foot. Rotate your body as you roll the ball back to the other foot. Use the sole of the weaker foot to go in the direction where you want to go. These are most effective when the defender is tight on the attacker or when the defender feels he can get the ball from the attacker.

Once the defender feels he can get the ball, use the skill to get away in a different direction. Notice the space when you are doing this skill. The attacker must spin into an open area, there is no use spinning right into a defender. Pull the ball far away from a defender so that he can’t get his foot on the ball.

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