RUNNING TIPS | Running can be described as an activity which involves moving from one place to another rapidly. And it’s the best way to lose weight or fight depression or let out frustration. While sprinting involves running more rapidly and jogging involves a slower movement but all these forms of running come with their dos and don’ts. Here is a list of 5 things you shouldn’t do after running:

1) Forgetting to stretch

cool down stretch

This involves touching your toes or simply stretching your arms high up in the air. This will keep you away from any post aches or pains after running. Stretching after running helps fasten muscle restore and makes them flexible as well. It’s of utmost importance because it helps you prevent any injury due to the running courses.

2) Forgetting to change dirty clothes

Absolutely, we as adolescents often do this mistake if we have gone for a run in the wee hours. Our sweaty clothes contain bacteria or yeast in them which may increase in number and lead to skin related issues or allergies. Another drawback is catching a cold due to the damp sweaty clothes.  So the next time you go for a run, make sure you take a shower post running or change the running clothes.

3) Forgetting to have a healthy meal

Home cooked meal

Eating a healthy home-cooked meal is necessary

After the rigorous running, your body needs to refuel. However, make sure that you eat a healthy meal instead of junk food or stale food. It should be rich in proteins primarily like a milkshake or whey protein shake and sodium, potassium. Carry a protein-rich snake so that you can eat it on the go and don’t forget to replenish your muscles.

4) Forgetting to rehydrate

girl drinking water

Failing to substitute the body fluids and electrolytes lost during running will not only damage your post-run recovery but also makes you feel weak, tired and nauseous. It can even lead to a headache. To prevent this, you may weigh yourself before and after running so that you get to know the number of electrolytes lost and make up for the repair. For short runs, you may drink up to 2 glasses of water. While for the long runs, ensure that you drink 4 glasses of water. Dehydration causes mood swings and cramps. Therefore, after a run, make sure that you humidify especially when you didn’t drink during running.

5) Forgetting to treat yourself right

You should motivate yourself and don’t be harsh just because you couldn’t lose weight on the first day itself. Instead, schedule your nest run for tomorrow and strictly adhere to the schedule. Staying motivated is really mandatory when you’re on the track. Your mind needs to be motivated to complete the race or complete the total length of the track. Mostly, in a sprinting race, its the victory after the run which keeps you motivated. In your workout running, include a winning point and pat yourself for completing the desired course. Don’t be hard on yourself because that will affect your performance in the next run.

Happy and Healthy running, peers 😉

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