BEST SHOOTING TECHNIQUES IN BASKETBALL | The aim of basketball is to shoot the ball through the round hoop. Basketball has turned into a sport which not only requires strength and ability to play the game but also a bent of creativity and artfulness to shoot the ball into the basket. Basketball started as an indoor game in the 19th century for some school children in winters. Dr. James Naismith was the physical education teacher and his students couldn’t play outdoors because the weather was unpleasant outside. He used peach baskets instead of the basket as of now and invented this popular sport. Shooting is one of basketball’s fundamental skills. Most of the shooting types involve similar physical mechanics. Players learn shooting as to score more points in the game. Below are the types of shooting a player must be aware of:

1) Layup

This is one of the fundamental shots a player learns and comes handy in two situations. One when the player receives the ball and he is close in the area below the basket while targeting to cut through the basket and two when the player dribbles through the players and he is right under the basket. You drive to the basket all the way on the right or left side and shoot it through the basket with one hand. The hand you use to shoot with depends on which side of the court you are on.

2) Jump shot

This shot always helps you earn points to win the game and is used by players worldwide. You jump and while jumping you shoot the ball through the basketball. A jump shot can make three different types of points which are: a set shot, two pointers, and three pointers. It can also be used from a short distance to beat a defender. This shot involves jumping straight up and using the basic form to release the ball at the highest point of your jump into the basket.

3) Dunk shot

This is also called slam dunk in basketball and is played by a player while in the air controlling the ball above the horizontal plane of the rim, and shooting the ball into the basket directly with one or both hands. You may practice it initially with a small ball since it will be easier to control the ball. Secondly, try shooting the ball with one hand instead of both the hands because that won’t require a higher jump.

4) Hook shot

This is considered to be the most flexible styles since it can be combined with many moves and could be used anywhere from mid-range to short-range distances. It involves shooting the ball in a hook motion. First, stand with your back towards the net and with your outer hand on the basketball
. Then, swing towards the basket and shoot the ball with a sweeping motion of your arm. This shot can be played with only one hand. The other hand can be used to make some space out between the payer and his defender.

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