BASKETBALL SLIP | Game slippage is a phenomenon that is common in every sport. Players train hard and practice their maneuvers repeatedly during practice sessions, but can’t seem to execute gameplay at the same level during a real match.

Why is this?

Well, one of the reasons could be the pressure from a real match. And while game slippage cannot be completely eradicated, it can be minimized so it barely affects your actual gameplay.

Here are a few ways in which you can reduce game slippage and ensure that you play to your fullest potential.

1) Find Strong Partners

basketball partners

The first prerequisite to reducing game slippage is to find a partner who is committed to improving their skill at the game. By playing against stronger players regularly, you will be motivated to up your skills and practice more effectively.

2) Recreate Real Situations

Most basketball coaches instruct their players to run through multiple drills in order to develop their dribbling and ball handling. And most of the time, players must practice these skills on their own.

recreate tackles

This is why when it comes to a real game, players suddenly have to deal with defenders and it’s difficult for them to adapt as they aren’t used to it.

Drills are great for improving your fundamental techniques, but to ensure that you perform optimally, you have to play against an opponent.

3) Increase Your Drills

This point may sound contradictory to the previous one, but there is a slight difference.

To reduce game slippage, you may want to increase the frequency of your practice drills, and repeat the same exercises multiple times.

Let’s say you shoot free throws 500 times a day. This activity should take you roughly 40 minutes to complete, and you would have drastically improved your shooting. So instead of focusing on many drills, you can narrow down to a few drills and repeat them every day to enhance your skill.

4) Be Disciplined

One of the most impactful ways to reduce game slippage would be to instill discipline in yourself and be ruthless with your practice sessions. Set up a training schedule for the week and stick to it, because this is the only way you can actually upgrade your skills. And by repeating certain movements regularly, you build confidence, making it a lot easier to perform optimally in a game.

girls playing basketball

Discipline will also help you build your overall focus, which is sure to be an added advantage during the game.

5) Workout

This is perhaps one of the most effective ways to reduce your game slippage.

Be sure to integrate a workout routine into your regular training session. Exercise will help build muscle endurance, which, in turn, will improve your performance during a game.

Most of the time, players are unable to play optimally due to muscle fatigue. By working out and strengthening your body, you can hold off the muscle fatigue during a game and play at a much higher level.

Play Regularly

Besides these tips, you also want to play the sport as much as possible. The more natural you feel on a basketball court, the easier it will be to play to your fullest potential.

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