Every year we see tons of sports events being conducted worldwide. These events are spread across various sports, small and big, right from the world’s favourite sport Football to the Gentlemen’s game Cricket. The prize money coming out of these events have been huge. Let’s take a look at the topmost events that carry the highest prize money.

1) UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League is one of the most coveted tournaments, the Champions Trophy started way back in 1955 and had ever since been the teenage dream of every soul that had ever wanted to kick the ball till to the nets. $ 77 million UEFA promises a very good turn over for the rigorous toil and sweat that the European club footballers put in for the celebrated trophy.

2) FIFA World Cup

fifa world cup

FIFA World Cup ranks quite high when it comes to paying its sportsmen heavily, the prize money for the title and hit up to $31 million dollars and is an event that sees the participation of world-class players from at least 32 nations of the world.

3) Super Bowl

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Super Bowl is an annual event of the National Football League of America. Not only is it a popular national event of the country but also it is of a repute to which the country has attached values associated with culture and sentiments. Players in this tournament are honoured with hefty paychecks for their performances in playoffs too.

4) The World Series (Baseball)

The World Series is another rich sports event that pays out  $7.9 million dollars to its winners. This baseball championship has emerged out to be every college kid’s fantasy.

5) The FedEx Cup

The FedEx Cup, is a four-day event that sees about a 100 odd golfers from all around the world fighting for one trophy until one out of the final 30, makes it to the finishing line on the basis of the maximum number of points earned. Owing to the level of difficulty, this event sees a whopping amount of $10 million.

5) The Dubai World Cup

The Dubai World Cup is an absolute horse racers delight which coughs up a whopping $ 10 million dollars. The annual event sees a lot of flyers from all around the world and is an intriguing vacation for the richest kings, princes and businessmen.

6) The Japan Cup

The Japan Cup is another mega event for horse racing which promises a handsome spoil of $3.13 million dollars.

7) The World Series of Poker

The World Series of Poker attracts the most fortunate men on this planet. With a smashing hit jackpot of $ 8.7 million dollars; one would consider losing the event a definite cost of fortune. The event kick-started when one man had invited the best hands from all over the world to a casino in the States. And, then ever since, 1970 Las Vegas has seen the World Series being hosted, now sponsored by the Caesars Entertainment.

8) The ICC World Cup

The ICC World Cup with a $ 4 million prize worth is one of the most generous sporting events that is a blockbuster success at the international level both in terms of the visibility and the buzz that it creates. At a slightly higher stage stands the Nascar Chase for the sprint cup at $5.8 million dollars.

9) Indian Premier League

It would be an injustice if the greatest sporting event of India is not mentioned in this list, so the last but not the least of the honorary mentions will be IPL 2017; which coughed up $ 4 million dollars for the winners besides paying generously to the runners-up.

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