Basketball tips for beginners- how to ace the game and get better basketball control.

Basketball, the worldwide popular sport, in which two opposing teams of five players aim to put a ball through a hoop. This is a team sport and has two main players whose are assigned the responsibility to drop the ball through the hoop.

The hoop is usually 10 feet above the ground. For all those basketball fans out there who wish to own the game, you got to dominate defensively. You got to practice, train and have quality repetitions to become a pro at the sport. However, even the pros don’t know everything about the game.

So, cheer up, all you have to focus is on bringing your own intensity. Below are a few tips for you to achieve better control of the sport.

  • Practice more

As the saying goes, “Practice makes a man perfect.” Malcolm Gladwell stated that it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. You will have to practice more than defeating a zone defence.



While you might see a zone defence mostly, a team can switch defences to man-to-man faster in order to puzzle you. You may train more on the shooting, dribbling, passing and rebounding techniques for the game. Practice these skills until you familiarize them. This will help you surpass any defender on the opposite team.

  • Handle the ball properly

The key is to spread our fingers in order to handle the ball correctly. This will help you to have a grasp over the ball and stays with you longer. Avoid holding the ball with your palms. Ensure that you always use your fingers while passing or shooting.

Basketball is a game of passing and catching and using your palm will create friction. So, it’s advisable that you rely on your fingers for an easy pass. All the basketball skills, for instance, passing, shooting, rebounding, dribbling need your control over fingers.

In your practice sessions, keep trying to pass the ball with your fingers so that this will enhance your performance even while under stress.

  • Upskill your footwork

Just like your fingers, your feet are the key to success in your game. Strengthen your feet and ankles in order to achieve better control over your body movements while dribbling or shooting. Footwork is the great way to find an opening shot.


Focus on controlling the position of your feet so that you may not have bad passes or going out of bounds. Your feet are like the anchor which will help you to jump, move up and down the hoop. The best hack is to train yourself to land on your feet after hooping the ball. Never forget footwork while dribbling.

Even while rebounding, you got to make sure that you land on both your feet to keep your balance and clutch the basketball to your chest.

  • More dribbling

Do not stop dribbling until you’re to shoot the ball or pass it. If you are to stop dribbling then pivot your back foot. And while dribbling, always keep your head up. Use both your hands to dribble.

Recognize the weaker hand and even work on it so that you can at least throw basic moves using the weaker one. And while hooping the ball, use both your feet to jump up with great force and quickly snatch the ball with your hands.

  • Set up a nutrition plan

This is vital part and it needs total devotion. Plan 4-6 meals daily containing proteins (beans, fish, and soy milk), carbohydrates (pasta, rice, fruits) and low-fat foods. This will help you gain muscle tissue. Take orange juice and eggs, maybe 4, for breakfast.

Have two sandwiches, a glass of milk and an apple for lunch. Consume steamed vegetables or a Frankie for dinner.

Avoid all junk foods since they are low in nutrition but high in calorie which leads to fat accumulation. And energy drinks as they may advertise aren’t beneficial because they lead to health issues. Water is the best beverage for you in this case.

Conclusion: The more you train yourself, the better you get at this game. In order to stand out from the rest, your dedication is the answer.






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